Windsor Wednesday Classic – 181

Wednesday Classic number 181, damn, that is one shitload of free vintage spanking pics, isn’t it? Well don’t worry, as many a guardian has said in our world, “There’s plenty more where that came from” 🙂

With the Coronavirus lockdown still in effect here in New York, it has allowed me some extra time to do what I do best, which is to hunt for and find rare spanking pics. The results for this week if I’m going to be honest with you, for the sheer volume of hours that I have put into my hobby this week, the return isn’t as big as I had hoped. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t found some real gems though, in fact just last night I found my fourth *EDIT (I found two more bumper size pics this morning, bringing the total to six for this week alone) MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS pic for the week that I have not seen before. That’s just in one week, it doesn’t even cover the amount that I still have left to post for you all.

You should be coming here every day anyway to check out what I have to offer, for example there will be a birthday spanking image tomorrow and on Saturday. Friday of course will be the weekly F/M COLLECTION post, but definitely stop by on Sunday for episode 129 of Streetcar Sunday’s. In the image for this Sunday the guy looks a bit awkward and he is using a newspaper, but just wait until you see the bubble butt in the plaid pencil skirt who is over his lap, holy smokes!! I’m sure most collectors have already found it independently, but I haven’t seen it anywhere on the Internet to date so I hope that it is new for my readers as well.

Anyway, that’s all to come!! We are here for today’s spanking pic, right? I won’t disappoint you any, today I have an awesome vintage spanking photo for you all that will be added to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS album. Be sure to click the link when you have finished with the pic for today, because virtually everything in my playful spankings album was posted first on this site so there are a stack of awesome photos in there. That’s not surprising because even if I have to say so myself, I do an awesome job at finding unseen entries to give as a gift to the spanking community.

There is no background information to go along with this image, other than that it is from the 1940s. The way the guy is dressed reminds me of an old English style, but if you study the surroundings it actually looks like the pic is North American in nature. Not that it will matter to the BS artists out there, soon this image will circulate on the Internet as being the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg when she was a Princess 🙂 Enjoy!!