Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 93

Before I begin on the Windsor Sunday Candid’s series for this week, I just want to point out last nights search result. Yes, that’s “Result” without a plural, lol. While watching a nature series on DVD, I ran a sweep search through every 1950s book I could find in Cincinnati, and there were hundreds of them, if not approaching one thousand books to search through page after page.

What was the end result? One single bloody pic, lol. Now I will say this, the pic was from the play “Little Acorns” and it predated every other Little Acorns spanking pic that I have by about ten years. So while it was a bit disappointing after all of the hours I put in, the find was actually a pretty decent one.

So now onto this week’s spanking photo. This is from the play “All American Family” and I will add this under the like minded label in my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS spanking album. Surprisingly I have only made one addition to this play prior to today, so I will need to start adding my other pics from this play.

If you have read this blog on a frequent basis you will know that there is one thing that I love, and this photo is loaded with them. That of course is looking at the faces of other women watching a spanking that is going on. In this spanking photo we have seven of them, and now we get to break it down one by one which I love to do.

We can eliminate two right off the bat, and those are the two women looking at the camera. I joked to myself that they were supporters of the person in the White House shouting “Fake News, there’s no spanking going on. The Liberal media want you to think that there is a spanking going on, but no spanking is happening”. However, I try my hardest to keep all politics off of here, so I will just add it in a passive-aggressive manner 🙂

The lady that really catches my eye is the one who is the second woman from the right. Any body language expert will tell you that her foot is pointing directly at the spanker, indicating her interest in him. I wonder what that interest could be though? It is also worth noting that the lady to her left also seems to have more than a passing interest in the spanking, though she is being a bit more discreet about it. The third lady from the right is a bit nondescript in that it looks like she is just enjoying the scene for what it is, with little actual interest in the spanking itself as an act.

That brings us to the woman who is standing directly behind the spanker. Her reaction is a bit of a wild card. It could be one of “Wow, he really is spanking you”. Which he is of course, you can see his hand in motion. It could also be that she is trying to gauge the reaction on the spankee’s face, as in “I wouldn’t mind a crack at that myself”. Lastly, we have the woman on the furthest left, and I could be mistaken, but it almost looks as if she was saying that she could do a better job of spanking that brat!!

What are your thoughts? All of this is just conjecture, I always like to try and guess the reactions of spanking witnesses. Let’s just be clear though, this is thirteen people posing for a staged spanking photo, one that appears to be happening by the hand in motion. Nothing more, nothing less, the rest is my imagination.