A New Hoard

This past week I have been in a collecting phase of finding new material and I have come up with a whole bunch of new, unseen spanking pics. I’m at that stage where I am collecting more than I am posting so I need to start pumping out more spanking posts. Aside from a wealth of vintage newspaper clippings, I have also collected a batch of new stage play spankings. I always know when they are new because I put a really tiny line on the photos, so when my website is raided for material I always know what was lifted from my site. As I have mentioned before though, that is no longer a concern of mine, it has happened for years and will continue to do so. To be honest I rarely visit spanking blogs anymore so I barely even notice, it just isn’t that important anymore. The only reason that I put an invisible line on them is for self satisfaction 🙂

This Sunday I haven’t decided whether to put up one of my new Men Are Like Streetcars pics, or whether I should put up one of the corkers that I have found from other stage plays. Either way, the next few weeks are going to be enjoyable for you. These two pics here are part of my recent collection of finds, but they probably wouldn’t make a post of their own. As I have mentioned many times though, what maybe a throwaway for me might be a classic spanking pic for others, so I try to share them all.

Anyway, I will not bloviate any longer and bore you half to tears, here are the two spanking pics. Remember, the first spanking that I saw in person in America was in 1985, a birthday spanking delivered with the same type of broom that is shown in the first pic.

I must say, a branding iron seems a little severe, lol.

4 thoughts on “A New Hoard

  1. I hope that the implement in the second pic is an ash shovel rather than a branding iron, although I’m sure there’s a website out there for that! I guess the ladies in the first pic finished putting out one fire and decided to start another.

  2. Warmhand,

    In the first pic the thing that actually caught my eye was the size of the wrench on the floor. This seems more like a business than a home so is it possibly a blacksmith’s? You could be right that it is an ash shovel, but it could also be a branding iron. And to further your point, I have seen a collection of drawings where heat is being applied to the seat using an iron, so nothing surprises me 🙂 Of course a broom like that wouldn’t hurt a lick, but perhaps we can make one out of birch rods? 😉


  3. They’re both good fun, aren’t they? Young women doing some playful spanking. I look forward to more of the hoard!

  4. Theo,

    I have gobs of pics just like these two. Pics that are not good enough for a solo post, but can definitely be used in a group posting of similar pics.


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