Streetcar Sundays – 139

We are back with our regular Sunday spanking feature, our weekly MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS photo of the week. This spanking was a recent find, so I am still managing to locate new streetcars spanking pics. It is a pretty good one as well, an OTK hand spanking photo as opposed to the lesser preferred newspaper spanking photos. It is also worth noting that the third party isn’t grabbing the spanking hand, which is allowing for some nice spanks to be delivered to the bottom of the girl with the look of disdain on her face, with her legs kicking and everything.

I have a little time today so I might just go and scour another hundred books or so and see if I can’t find some more spanking pics, which I am generally lucky enough to do. While I do that, please enjoy this unique Men are like Streetcars spanking pic.

2 thoughts on “Streetcar Sundays – 139

  1. I don’t have anything even remotely profound to say about this picture, I do, however, like it very much indeed. It very much fits into my idea of an ideal spanking. The figure at the back is not needed but otherwise it is a totally charming image,

  2. Sam,

    Yes, in the majority of the Streetcars spanking pics there is a third person present, but at least this time he isn’t holding the spanker’s arm as is often the case. As an old school spanking fan this is very much up my alley as well.


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