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The Picnic Table

Today I was organizing some of my photos and I stumbled upon this one. Immediately it reminded me of the third chapter to the MOTHER SPANKS DAUGHTER – PART 3 series that I had written. In that episode the boyfriend spanks his girlfriend’s best friend and then spanks his girlfriend on the picnic bench.


The Scantest Of Protection

The times when a spanking over the panties isn’t really a spanking over the panties at all. Let’s hope that she got dressed in her fishnets for the special occasion because I am sure it would have been uncomfortable walking around in that attire all day long. The wedgie Olympics!!

Yesterday I had a very lucky day in terms of finding new spanking pics for you all. Some days I can search for hours and only find one or two really crappy pics, but yesterday, for whatever reason, I struck gold and found over a dozen pretty good ones.

I have started to prepare for my 60th birthday blitz of spanking pics, and I think what I am going to do is post three pics a day for twenty days straight. Each post being on a different topic. For example right now I have three birthday spankings, three act your age pics and three Kiss Me Kate pics. I just need to come up with seventeen more themes.

Several times I have mentioned it in the past, but I think that a small amount of pics is the way to go where they will be fully appreciated. With three pics I feel that people will observe them each individually, whereas if I posted all 60 images in one shot then the viewer is just going to skim through the lot and maybe only study one or two that stand out.

Two of the spanking pics that I found yesterday are birthday spanking pics and both of them will be posted on May the 23rd, my actual birthday, along with an additional birthday spanking pic. One of the images that I found yesterday is an absolute corker.

Many times in spanking stories you will read that the spanker is a former tennis player, obviously to build up the idea that she has a powerful spanking arm. Well guess what, that is EXACTLY what I found yesterday, a female tennis coach giving a birthday spanking to one of her students.

The picture is really clear, from the 1990s, and it is taken from the rear side of the spankee. She has her tennis outfit on (as does the coach) and the short skirt barely covers her knickers. If for nothing else it would make for a great image to build a story upon. You know that old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”. It is a really awesome mainstream spanking image.

Anyway, my plan is to run three spanking images a day for twenty days each with their own theme. If you have an opinion on that or any suggestions then I will happily entertain them. BTW, another thing that surprised me yesterday was that almost all of the finds that I found yesterday were from Texas. Perhaps I need to go old school and search the thousands of Texas books one by one for images that won’t show up in the search window. That’s how I find most of my images, without the help of the search engine.


I spotted the hairbrush!! Don’t ask me how I saw it, but there it is 🙂 The other day I was going through some 1970s magazines and for whatever reason this picture caught my eye. Caught quite put my finger as to why, but there is something quite appealing here.

While I perv away at that beautiful panty clad bottom, here is a spanking pic for the rest of you 🙂

135 Photos For A Quid

I have been slacking on the blog lately, so let me give you a quick spanking image featuring one of those old books that floats out there somewhere. I’m  assuming that this is the early 70s judging by the young lady’s knickers. Funny how we can get a judge of time by the undies a girl wore, isn’t it?

I will be back soon with a bigger update when I’m not so busy.

Lingerie Lovers Delight

If you are a fan of lingerie, especially 1950s lingerie, then this is the image for you. White panties, a see through petticoat, stockings and high heels. There is some wood as well!! No, not “that” kind of wood, I am talking about the wooden paddle in the other lady’s hand!! A great spanking image that is probably a part of a set, and I don’t think that I have seen it before. Click on the image for a larger version of it.

King Of Comedy

Even though I grew up in the UK, and the timeframe would certainly fit that I would remember this person if I had heard of him. Sadly though, the name Hector Nicol doesn’t mean anything to me. He was a Scottish comedian so it is quite likely that his act was more regional, plus you have to keep in mind that Billy Connolly was perhaps the most famous comedian of that time, and he was also Scottish so he would have taken most of the media attention.

Anyway, if you are around my age then this image should stir up some good memories. Do you remember the days when it was quite normal practice for a lady to wear a skirt, slip, stockings, suspenders and silky knickers? I sure do 😉

This image appeared on a retro British comedy channel on Twitter recently and I love it!! It brings back such great memories of days gone by.

This will be added to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder.

Silky Knickers From The Top Drawer

Readers of this blog have known for many years that old Richard Windsor loves nothing more than to see a pair of silky knickers getting a good old fashioned spanking. It all started way back in the late 1970’s with the VERY FIRST SPANKING that I gave to my girlfriend at the time. If you think of your favorite combinations in life then you will know what this means to me, a perfect spanking is one where a sexy pair of knickers are also involved.

It’s funny really because cotton, or those awful school knickers, have the compete opposite effect on me, I generally find them to be a bit of a turn off. Occasionally there will be an exceptional image where everything surrounding it is perfect, and then I can ignore clothing choice and appreciate the image for what it is.

So today I was going through my folders and I realized that some of these images (14 in total) have been in my archive for nearly 20 years, and I have never posted them!! As the likelihood is high that they will never get posted unless I do something soon, I have decided to bundle 14 spanking images together for today for your enjoyment. Of course, you will probably only enjoy them if like me, you enjoy seeing a pair of sexy panties on the woman being spanked.

The first image has been posted before and was sent to me by JANUS WORLDWIDE. The reason that I am reposting it is because it is the closest example to what my girlfriend was wearing the day that I gave my first ever spanking. It is also from roughly the same time period and it stirs really fond memories in my mind.

Another image that has been posted before but is also worth a second look is this image from THE UPS AND DOWNS OF A HANDYMAN. I created a video that features all of the spankings from that film in the post that I linked. Just click on the film name to watch the video. Yes, despite the romance of gym knickers, this was actually the type of silky knickers girls were wearing under their skirts back in my day.

The images that I am posting come from all years, and some I don’t even know how old they are. If you read spanking stories though, like I do, you will quite often hear of the full bottomed ‘Olga’ style panties. Just like these ones that are just about to be strapped into oblivion.

This is a bit before my time, in fact this is probably from the time where old fashioned school knickers were the in thing. So these knickers here would have most definitely have been inappropriate for school way back then.

And now the rest of the images in no particular order. Chances are some of these photos you have never seen before, but from the 1950’s to the 1980’s you could always count on a silky pair of knickers getting a good walloping!!

Pajamas And Panties

Now I have not been shy in telling you that my interest in spanking has waned over the past few years, even to a point that I am now on the verge of taking a long break from the active party scene. In reality though, I’m not sure if it is my interest in spanking that has waned, or if it is because I have been to so many parties over the years that it is beginning to feel like Groundhog day to me. There are definitely still scenes in my mind that are super hot, but 15 minutes does not a party make, lol.

Today I am going to focus on one of the hottest scene thoughts that I have had for many years, and if I was to give it a rating anywhere, what I am about to describe would easily make my top 3 all time spanking fantasies. How high on the list would depend on the day and all of the circumstances regarding the spanking. It was just the other day that I was gathering something for Dana Specht’s site and I saw the film sat in my folder, and I couldn’t help but play my favorite scene from the film for like the 100th time.

The film in question is PAJAMA PARTY PUNISHMENT which you can find on Dana’s site by clicking the highlighted text. In fact, you can find ALL of Dana’s films that are available for digital download in one handy location. Just visit DANA’S DIGITAL DOWNLOAD PAGE for a sortable list of all of the spanking digital downloads that Dana has for sale.

So before I start, today’s post is a Windsor fetish post. The items that I am talking about are real hot buttons for me, and they have a deep psychological hold on what I like and what I absolutely love. I pass no judgement on anyone, and I have a full understanding of what it is that I like and why I like it. At this point it doesn’t need to be said, you should all know me by now, but bare bottom spankings have zero psychological effect on me whatsoever, it just isn’t something that appeals to me. A spanking of some form of clothing resonates deeply with me as being more of a real spanking than a bare bottom caning would.

In the film listed above, PAJAMA PARTY PUNISHMENT, there is a perfect storm of three events that put the selected clip from the movie into the A+ category for me. Firstly the OTK spanking over pajamas (with an extra plus that you can see the outline of the panties beneath the pj’s), followed by a spanking over what appears to be a pair of white nylon panties, which are like the holy grail to any spanking scene that I like, and of all this is combined with one of the greatest spanker’s on the planet, Miss Dana Specht.

There have been a lot of spanking films that I have watched over the years, and in the age of digital downloads, I can now edit my favorite scenes into separate clips, almost like creating my own mini movie. It is quite rare though that I can get enough footage to actually make a clip of a decent length though. More often than not spankings go straight to the bare, or two swats over the panties and down they come or up they go. So for me to be able to get a good 3 minute clip from a film, I will be honest, that would be money well worth spent as I would get as much out of those three minutes as someone could from a 30 minute film.

In the clip that I love the spanking starts out on those ultra thin pajama bottoms, and you can see the panties right through them, how awesome is that? It is a great set up for what is to come, and of course Dana isn’t shy about scolding as she spanks. In just this little segment alone, 130 spanks are delivered.

Next up comes the part that I couldn’t write better myself, though I will give it a shot when I film with Dana the next time that we collaborate. Dana Specht giving a good hand spanking over the seat of a pair of white nylon panties. That is like my peanut butter and jelly, or my coffee and cream, the firm maternal palm of Dana Specht warming the seat of a pair of white nylon panties is just about the hottest thing that I could dream of.

The opening lines have such a strong affect as well, something that I also enjoy immensely. A spanking scene can improve dramatically if the right words and key phrases are used. In this particular scene Dana opens by saying, as she spanks “Oh now, we don’t have jammies on so it stings a little more, doesn’t it”? which of course inevitably leads to the all time classic line “Well a spanking is supposed to hurt”

As you can see from the image above, there is a slight problem with the panty spanking portion in this scene. In theory Adriana is getting spanked on her panties, and of course it has been long noted that a pair of panties offers little protection to a paddle like hand anyway. In this scene though, Dana Specht is just downright mean, because I don’t think that a single spank actually landed on the panties. Dana began by spanking the cheeks poking out at the bottom of the panties, and with a few seconds of wriggling the panties had headed north and the bottom became more and more bare the longer that the spanking continued.

I will say that normally this wouldn’t appeal to me, but for some reason in this film it did. It probably has to do with the interaction between Dana and Adriana that made me think “Oh you poor thing, it doesn’t look like those panties are offering you any protection at all”. The only slight drawback that I had was that only 100 spanks were delivered in this segment, but that is purely selfish on my part. I understand that they still had bare bottom spankings and a strapping to come. But if there were 130 spanks on the pj’s, then I was hoping for like 150 on the panties. Even so, 230 spanks on a clothed bottom, that is more than plenty for me to enjoy on rewind.

There are many pajama spankings to be found on DANA’S DIGITAL DOWNLOADS PAGE, but I am like ultra fussy, even if I will watch all pajama spankings. For the spanking to jump into the A+ category then the panties simply have to be appealing to me from a psychological standpoint. Plain old cotton does nothing for me, the panties have to be silky and sexy. Take for example the model Ten and Dana in the film SPANKED SOBER.

Am I a pervert? Absolutely!! But Dana Specht doing the spanking, a pair of light pajamas, and then a pair of white nylon panties on underneath those pajamas, that is probably the most perfect spanking scenario that I could ever possibly imagine.

In this video clip Dana is playing the role of best friend’s mom, but the spanking roles for a scene like this are endless. When I hire Dana and two girls to make a spanking film we will use the role of Camp Director and camp counselors, but think of the other potential roles that this scene could invoke.

Sleeping over at the neighbors, you know the old “Under my roof” rules. Or perhaps a landlady dealing with her naughty tenants. The spanking aunt is easy to imagine, or how about a sorority housemother? What do you think would be the best role?

Of course pajama spankings can also go with a variety of implements. The belt sounds really bloody hot, and of course a hairbrush at bedtime would seem quite natural. I have never quite grasped slipper spankings, but perhaps a nice stingy sandal? Can you think of a spanking implement that would be perfect for a bedtime spanking?

So there you have it, my spanking fetish for the day. Dana Specht, a lady at the top of her class for giving OTK spankings, a set of pajamas, and a nice flimsy pair of panties on underneath. I’m about to take a nap with some really, really happy thoughts in mind. Now get your butts over to Dana’s site 😉

The Grace Video Is Back

So a while ago, as things do sometimes in real life, the video of GRACE’S BEDTIME SPANKING had been taken down due to unforeseen circumstances. Well I am happy to announce that the video is back online, and the owner of that video dropped me a line to let me know so that I could update the video link.

This post is very popular on this site so what I had done in the interim was replace the video with a spanking still from the movie. Thankfully now though the video is back up and running and you can watch it by clicking on the following link. GRACE’S BEDTIME SPANKING.

I’m a huge fan of the video personally and I have watched it many times. For me the angle is perfect, perhaps maybe the camera could be just a few more inches higher, but I’m not complaining either way. The spanking is great, just exactly how I like to see them. A spanking over the nightdress, panties and then the bare. Nothing excessive, just a good solid hand spanking and a young girl in distress. Please watch it, if you  “get”  the movie then you get me.

On that note I paid for my porn this week!! How do you expect producers to keep producing spanking movies if you don’t pay them? This week I joined DANA SPECHT’S website to see what I have been missing over the last few years.

Now for the most part I am a self confessed picture whore. Normally the spanking itself doesn’t meet the image that I have created in my mind for it. One of those images in particular is the one below of Dana spanking Adriana Evens in Pajama Party Punishment.

The image itself is taken from the SARAH GREGORY PASS network of spanking sites. Now I don’t know why I have never downloaded and watched this film before, but my goodness is it right up my alley.

The spanking shown in the image just blows me away, in fact both of the OTK hand spankings do. It follows the same pattern as the spankings in SPANKED SOBER. The spankings start on the pajama bottoms for each girl, then on the panties of each girl, though in fairness you can see the panty lines on Adriana in the image above, when it comes to her turn for a panty spanking it is only done in theory, her panties are so tiny that NONE of the spanks actually land on a panty covered bottom, lol. Then of course we have the angle as shown, it is the perfect angle that I love watching spanking films from. If half the spanking is shown from the angle above, then I can pretty much watch any spanking.

Anyway, while I noticed it in spanked sober, I don’t think that I ever realized just how good of a spanker Dana Specht is, especially when it is done in stages as these films are. 100-150 spanks to one of the girls on her pajama bottoms, then the same to the other girl, then another 100-150 spanks on each girl’s panty clad bottoms, and then a final switch of positions for the bare bottom spanking. I’ve mentioned it before, using this approach the viewer never gets tired of the action because it is always changing, and because it isn’t continuous then each spanking just seems well, harder. I love the approach so much and Dana Specht plays it perfectly, a short, sharp shock being given repeatedly. Each spank seems destined to sting and more importantly, it looks like it actually does sting.

Now I think that I am going to go to clips4sale to see what other spanking clips that I can find of Dana Specht spanking two girls at once, because what I have seen so far comes as close as it can to a perfect spanking in my eyes. I’m very fussy about what I like in spanking films, and if two thirds of a spanking are given over outer clothing and panties first then I am all over it. It is hard wired in me that spanking over a clothed bottom, even if it is the flimsiest of panties, is more realistic to me than a bare bottom spanking. It is an internal psychological barrier that I am stuck with, but I don’t mind, it works for me each and every time. And further to that, the spanking style of Dana Specht I also find to be just about as perfect as it gets.

There is a chance that I will get to interview Dana again at some point this year, and if I do I will be sure to share my thoughts with her. So if you have a little spare change in your pocket, consider joining either DANA’S SITE, or by joining one of SARAH GREGORY’S SITES.

White Nylon Memories

Now while I still have around 40 Japanese videos left to post, next week I am also going to resume my filming in New York City. In the next few months I am going to be heading to Europe, though I haven’t finalized exactly where I am going yet. A lot of it will depend on whether or not I have to go to England first. There are a couple of legal issues surrounding my family estate which is compounded by the fact that I live in America. Whilst I hired a company to manage the estate for me, there are still court related requirements that will probably require my presence in order to transfer everything over to me. It is all pretty stressful, and add to the fact that I will be retired in the next ten years or so,  then I also have to decide whether or not I am going to move back to England or not. Or who knows, maybe if I manage my finances right I might live on the road. My original plan for my Spring trip was going to be to Austria, Slovakia, Czechia and Hungary, but that is going to depend now on how long I need to spend in England.

When I was cleaning up some folders this weekend I came across this image from Blushes magazine. Let me confess something first though, the original image as it was presented is at the bottom of this post. The first one that I am showing here has been rotated -90 degrees. That is important to note as there are many people who don’t want images altered in any way, so I want to make sure that I include the original and tell you up front that I have flipped the image to the side for the aesthetic look.

So why this image? Dude, this image is from the early 80s, and it was in 1979 that I gave my first spanking to my girlfriend at the time. My girlfriend at the time also had on a pair of WHITE NYLON PANTIES and I dare say, even though it is over 40 years ago, that she was wearing something not unlike what you see in the image here. It gets me every time, despite how long ago it is, it is like my dream spanking. If I had my way then every spanking would be given over panties just like this all the time  🙂  It almost makes me want to write a new story!! If you want to read the story of the first spanking that I gave in 1979 then you can do so by clicking THIS LINK. Does the image also give you happy thoughts?

And as promised, here is the same photo as above as it was originally printed in the Blushes magazine.