Streetcar Sundays – 50

So we have another benchmark this week,  the 50th edition of MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS. It is one of those strange phenomenons in the spanking world,  no matter how many of these I post,  or how good the quality is,  they virtually never get linked to. If I am not mistaken,  and I would have to check,  but I believe that only one time was a Streetcar pic linked anywhere. I have often wondered why this is. It is possible to think that they just aren’t that good,  but that is easy to dispel because every single one of them gets taken and reposted everywhere. So then perhaps it is because there are so many of them that they aren’t really that unique,  I mean I still have far more than I haven’t posted than I have posted,  so there are tons of them. In fact the other person who discovers these finds,  Harry,  has also posted somewhere in the region of 50 of them. It is one of those things that I find strange,  perhaps it is because they are so good that others just don’t want their viewers to know where they came from. Who knows what it is,  just know that I still have 80-90 that I haven’t posted as of yet so this feature will be around forever.

Now for number 50 I am giving you all a treat. This particular picture I have posted before,  in fact there are two versions of it from different years,  one a rehearsal and the other from the actual production. For the record,  both pictures started this series with STREETCAR SUNDAYS 1.

Anyway,  as this is post number 50 in this series I am going to give you a special treat. One thing that is never stated that us collectors do is this. When we find a rare spanking pic it is never the end of the search. Our goal is to take the information that we have and try and find a better copy. The Whitney Point spanking pic from 1955 is a classic example. Now,  I have already given you both pics,  but this time I am going to give you a version from my personal collection. For 1955 this is a really good quality version in a much larger size. It is the rehearsal spanking version and one can only hope that they provided the second chair for one reason,  that she was going to be there for a while so she just as well get comfortable.

This won’t be posted in my MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking folder,  so if you are here collecting my finds,  take this one now. It is already in the folder so there is no need to put a second version of the same pic.

Click on the pic for the bumper sized version.

Whitney Point 53

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  • jimc

    Great picture. I do remember seeing it somewhere, but cannot remember where. I am sorry that your collection gets posted elsewhere without links as I am a computer newbie on some things I usually just tell people to go to your site and I have never linked back to you as I do not really know how and try not to do anything on the computers that I do not know how to fix as I share a computer and try very hard to delete my history and cannot ask others as most of the time they ask me to show them the problem and I cannot do that for obvious reasons * (I never ask them about any spanking related questions) and I really just want to share your finds with other spankos as that is my way of contributing to a site. I enjoy your finds and wish I was a better commentator as I wish to see all your finds as I am a huge fan of otk esp. mainstream spankings and you have the biggest collection (next to Harrys as I have just discovered his thanks to your linking his site) and sometimes I do not know how some photos get from one site to another as some I have seen at one site and see it other places a few days later even though it says it was posted there before I went to one site. Thank you for all your finds and have a great day.

  • Thanks for a very good giant-sized reproduction of this photo. Just one minor correction to your text. The two pictures are in fact both from the same year, but they appear in the yearbooks for two different years. Streetcars was the junior play in March 1955, and as such one of the pictures got into the 1954-55 yearbook. But high school yearbooks are generally compiled by the senior year, and sometimes they pay more attention to the overall history of that particular class through the years, rather than to the events of one particular school year. The Class of 1956 at Whitley Point High School, New York, was a case in point (as well as in Whitley Point)… so their 1955-56 yearbook includes the highlight of the play the class put on in its junior year. So the spanking rehearsal photo and the spanking production photo would have been taken only weeks apart, not a whole year – that would be a production rehearsed to death, never mind the damage to the rear end of Nancy Beagle!

  • Two other thoughts. The reason for the second chair is purely theatrical. They are rehearsing a scene which is going to be played out, as scripted, on a sofa – look at the other photo to see how it turned out. (You can find it in both Richard’s previous post and my overview of the play on Vanilla Spanking.) The second chair has been put there to give the same length of surface relative to her body: in rehearsal you aim to make the physical conditions match what the actors will be working with in performance, even though you don’t have the actual scenery pieces.

    There are still some obvious differences between the rehearsal and performance pictures; I actually prefer the rehearsal one because for me OTK is always better if the girl’s feet are in the air. The switch from right to left hand is even more striking, but seeing the enhanced version of the rehearsal picture is making me wonder whether all is as it seems.

    In the rehearsal picture, she is wearing her watch on her right wrist, which is unusual but not unheard of. (The lovely lady in my avatar did likewise.) But in the performance picture the watch is in its more commonplace position on her left wrist. So… is it possible that one or other shot might have been flipped? (This could have been deliberate, for design reasons, or it could be that the printer simply got the transparency the wrong way round.) Judging by David Adams’ shirt and breast pocket in the rehearsal photo, it would have to be the performance photo that has been altered – even though (as I explained in my article on the play) the script encourages staging the spanking left-handed. Or maybe they just discovered in the course of rehearsals that this was the easiest way of doing the scene…

    It’s a 60-year-old spanking mystery!

  • I wish I could edit that last comment. She is wearing the watch on the same wrist both times – the right wrist. Or putting it another way, as was once said by a wiser person than I: ‘Doh!’


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