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Did you know that I still haven’t played for 15 months now? At Boardwalk Badness I did play in skits that I was involved in,  but I haven’t had a one to one in over a year. It’s actually through choice as well,  it’s not like I haven’t had plenty of opportunities to play. My genuine belief is that it all comes down to one thing,  I have been so blessed in our chosen lifestyle that I think that I have reached the pinnacle for everything I ever wanted. There is no denying that the last few parties have been a struggle for me,  my tolerance for the bullshit factor is so below zero that I think I am in Russia,  lol.

I’m not a total hermit though,  even though I left Fetlife months ago there are still a few people who keep in touch with me. In fact the reason that I thought of writing this was because just this week Pixie made plans to come and visit me at my new apartment. That’s also the reason for stating that it was 15 months ago when I played the last time (coincidentally with Pixie) because if she thinks that she is leaving my place able to drive comfortably,  she is going to be sorely mistaken.

Mike and Jules Tanner also contact me every week. A few weeks ago I learned that my Mom has cancer,  and while I am not fully aware of the extent yet,  being that it is the Colon and it has reached the liver and lungs we are dealing with a rather advanced stage one fears. Ever since knowing that Mike and Jules have been so kind,  checking in with me every week to see how Mom is doing and to see how I am doing. It is really heartwarming to have a family away from family.

Then there are spanking friends that I have both on my real Facebook,  and my alternate Facebook for spanking friends who are not open about what they do. It’s funny that some of my friends don’t even go to spanking parties anymore,  but we remain friends away from the scene. You will find that,  over time people come and go,  but there are some people who you were just made to be friends with.

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Anyway,  in a week or two Pixie is going to receive a fire engine red bottom,  and maybe that will get me back in the game a bit. Spanking is still a huge part of my life,  but there are others things that are important as well. Now,  onto the Saturday spanking cartoons. As I mentioned last week,  if you want your fill of spanking cartoons then click the two links below. I’m sure all of my entries this week are already in Web-Ed’s archives,  but these are supersized pics that I hope can be additions to his collection. Click the pics for the supersized version.



$_57 (2) $_57 (7) $_57 (12) $_57 (13) $_57 (33) $_57

4 comments to Bumper Sized Comics

  • What’s with all these spanking plans? I thought we were just going to kick back and enjoy a pizza or something. You know I don’t look good in red anyway. Pale pink is much more my color.

  • Maria White

    Pixie, red is DEFINITELY your color!

  • KB

    Pixie I thought purple was more your color!!

  • Thank you once again, Richard, for the links and the accolades. As it happens, I do indeed have all these cartoons/comics except for the Duke caning scene, although in the case of the three Humorama cartoons, I only have other versions posted at this time with the versions you have waiting in my files. Now for some dates of the three Humorama cartoons, if anyone is interested:

    George Morrice “Maid Spanks Miss” first appeared in the March 1959 issue of Snappy.

    Kirk Stiles’ “Spanking Analyst 1” appeared in that same issue.

    Stiles’ “Hat Costs a Spanking” first appeared in the Dec. 1957 issue of Gaze. I believe that all the Humorama cartoons of this period were reprinted three times, and the version you have here is from the August 1966 issue of Laugh Digest.

    Although I have uncovered most of Humorama’s secrets, it will be some time before these cartoons’ entire publication history is documented. Interested scholars should consult my Humorama Cartoon Spanking Data Base which is searchable by artist.

    Oh, and the apparent color reprint of the Smilin’ Jack double-spanking is from Popular Comics #24.


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