Windsor Wednesday Classic – 43

Here is a brand new play today from Richard Windsor’s classic collection. Yes, that’s me by the way!! It has been another amazing week of finds and even a few trades, so this project may eventually define this blog. At one point I figured that I had the largest collection of rare spanking pics but that is clearly not the case. The project that I have undertaken for the last year is small potatoes to some of the collectors out there who have been doing this for years, albeit without a blog to showcase them. Now don’t underestimate the collection that I have, even these fine collectors tell me that I have pics that even they have not seen before and even if they have, then my picture saving software is improving the pics a little bit. My folders are ever growing and one day I may even start a website to showcase all of my finds. As it is I have enough material to post for years.

For anyone interested I have a new forum where everyone can discuss these pics. Now I understand that it will be very slow to get members but fear not, I will keep posting away until people join.

The new forum is right here WINDSOR’S CLASSICS FORUM.

Right, I know that you are not here to hear me talk, you want a classic picture, right? Today I am going all the way back to 1943 and the senior play “Sweet Sixteen”. As was the norm for this time period, there were early aspects of age play to define family life, even though all of the characters were eighteen or nineteen they played characters of varying roles, both older and younger. You only have to think of Fanny Brice to understand what I am saying. What makes this play unique though is that the person doing the spanking is the Father next door, now that is something that you don’t hear of too often. Underneath the spanking pic is the play synopsis and the characters involved are Cranston doing the spanking and Ruthie receiving it. I would agree with the article as well, the play does end happily. The bottom pic is the head shot of the girl getting spanked.

This pic will be added to my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS folder.

sweet 16 1943sweet 16 rochester 43b sweet 16 rochester 43c

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