O_H sent in the first article from Augustana in 1933 and the second one was from 1971 where apparently they were pretty mean in 1971. Can you even imagine that happening today? It would be a human rights violation,in fact I think it is even for back then. Don’t forget, this weekend I am going to start posting to the new forum, this is for fans of the rare finds that I make. Now it won’t be a big forum, in fact I will be surprised if we get a hundred members, but for those of us who love it then it should be an active forum.

Windsor’s Classics Forum

1932 Clipboard01

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  • NJSpank

    Paddlings in pants,nice find.

  • Interesting finds as usual. For those who may wonder,it was not unusual for high school girls to be paddled for relatively minor infractions back in the 70’s (in those states and districts where paddling was used –practices are not uniform throughout the U.S.). Certainly cutting classes could result in a paddling;dress code violations were becoming more rare because the tendency was for dress codes to be relaxed,but in some places they were still strict during this period.

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