Happy 4th Of July

A nice little bonus rare spanking pic for you today in celebration of America’s birthday. Now this isn’t a birthday spanking, but it’s close enough, right? Now Will@gotham56 didn’t give me this particular pic, but he certainly lead this horse to the water with something that he did trade to me, so in a way this was his find, albeit by proxy. I know darn well he has it anyway :)

This will be added to the WINDSOR’S BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS album, not that it is a birthday spanking, it’s just that I haven’t decided where to put these pics yet that all pretty much have the same feel to them.



2 comments to Happy 4th Of July

  • Will @ gotham56

    Neat,smooth high quality picture,almost 3-D. My guess it was in the a section titled Senior Superlatives or Senior Who’s Who.


  • Would you say,if Uncle Sam spanked Miss Liberty’s bare bottom,fire cracker hot. That would be an excellent way for the U.S.A,to have a ‘spanking good time’.

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