A New Purchase

First things first, while I may have purchased this image, I don’t actually have it in my possession just yet. The image should arrive within the next week or so and when it does I will scan it for you all. The chances are the image is going to be of much better quality than this version that you are seeing here. I fell in love with the image almost immediately and I didn’t hesitate in buying it. So stay tuned, just as soon as it arrives I will show you all what it looks like. In fact what I might do is put together every spanking image that I personally own, including all of those vintage movie magazines that I have purchased. You guys will probably be surprised at just how much I have purchased over the years to bring to the spanking community, not to mention all of the single photos that I have bought.

I will add this image to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS album for the time being until I receive the image in the mail.

4 thoughts on “A New Purchase

  1. What a wonderful find! Her pose is perfect. His facial expression and poised hand are almost fluid in the picture, You can see the swat coming! Let’s just hope it was more than one before he gets the inevitable slap to the face that would follow! Priceless!

    As always, thanks for sharing!

  2. Fatherjim,

    I was so happy to find this image and I can’t wait for it to arrive in the mail this week, I am sure that I can make an even clearer image than what is seen here. To be honest I kind of wished that the guy had sold the magazine complete instead of cutting the pages up, this image is a part of a collection of 8 or so non spanking pics. When I get the actual copy I will also include the other images from the picture set which are all playful. I have to admit, it was the petticoat sticking out at the bottom of the skirt that made me buy the pic immediately 😉 Takes me back to my younger days when all women wore a slip/petticoat.


  3. Being a former sailor, I find any such pic an absolute treasure. One of my all-time favs is the purported spanking of a young Aussie lady who stowed away on a US ship.

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