Windsor Wednesday Classic –22

Something a little different for you today, not the normal Wednesday classics that I post. Now before the pics, this weekend I will actually have a little time to myself so I will be able to catch up on the blogs.

This weeks offering is a true classic. The pic itself has been seen on numerous blogs and spanking sites over the years, in fact I posted it here myself back in 2009. Until now though I don’t think that there has been a copy of this pic as clear as this one is. Purely by luck I stumbled upon this on Ebay tonight and as you will see, it is a true classic. There is a newspaper clipping underneath the pic. I was going to put up a different pic tonight, but this one is too good not to share.

1967 Marine Bernard Brewer Spanking Girlfriend, Sandra Hilder for Stowing away. Click on the pic as it opens up to a huge file.


5 comments to Windsor Wednesday Classic –22

  • Great pic! The caption correctly calls him a seaman. The story beside the photo says he is Coast Guard. And you term him a Marine. You many wish to stay indoors today to avoid any disgruntled Marines. Cheers

  • NJSpank

    I love this pic…..what a nice ass getting spanked.

  • Great one Rich! Keep them coming. xoxo

  • badsherri69

    How Awesome,lucky lady!!

  • willjohn

    The papers got it wrong,as usual. She was found in a lifeboat,not under a bed.

    Sandra Hilder was notorious around the Parramatta area as a notoriety seeker. After Roy Orbison’s wife was killed in a motorcycle accident Roy advertised for a “nanny”to look after his sons. This moll got onto one of the pathetic afternoon rags Sydney had at the time to advertise her availability. Last I heard of her she was a stripper.

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