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This week I had quite a nice little holiday break, in fact I am supposed to be off work today unless there is an emergency and guess what, one came up. So instead of making a post tonight as I had planned, I will make the post this morning before I head into work.

On Christmas day something ironic happened. In case you missed it, I posted FOUR VINTAGE CLASSICS as a treat for you on Christmas day, just click the highlighted text to see a stage spanking, a birthday spanking, a paddling and a fun still of James Cagney and Bette Davis. The irony happened though when I had some free time during the day and I went on a hunting mission. My mission on Christmas day turned up six new spanking pics, four of them are really clear M/F spanking pics from the 50’s and 60’s which will be added to the Sunday Candid’s in due course, they are good quality ones as well of a similar style to THIS ONE. Another was a five girl pajama party where four of the girls are spanking another over the knee, and finally, the pic that I am sharing with you today.

Unfortunately there is not much information as to the backstage spanking that is going on, in fact it took me an age just to work out who was spanking Shwikar. The pic however appeared on an Egyptian blog and an Egyptian Tumblr site this week and I was fortunate enough to find it. The pic is backstage at some play and the person doing the spanking is her husband, Fuad Eng.

 egyptian actress Shwikar - Fuad Eng

So this is like an added Christmas bonus for you, it is certainly a rarity, a vintage over the knee spanking pic from Egypt, you don’t get many of those floating around. I hope that you enjoy the pic. Yesterday I had the most visitors to this site in a month due to the classics that I posted, and while I never got any feedback, I did observe that many people returned to the blog for a second viewing.

Coming up soon I will have my top tens of the year, starting with the top ten posts of the year according to the number of hits that each post got. There is a clear cut winner in the top ten, this post was so popular in fact that got 20% more viewers than the post in second place. If you want to see the top post of the year then just click this link, I think that the caning of ellee had something to do with how popular it was. I say that because the number one ‘tag’on this site this year was of course the tag named  ‘ellee‘.

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