9 Years Ago At The Movies

This week I am doing a flashback to posts in previous years as I approach the ten year anniversary of this blog. The first spanking clip I thought was awesome when I found it,  so much so that I bought the DVD. Such a haughty little madam  😉

This first clip is from the 1933 movie  “Man of the Forest”  featuring Randolph Scott spanking Verna Hillie. This is one of my favorite clips,  especially the way that he picks her up and then afterwards,  threatens to spank her again if she kills him,  lol  🙂

This next one is from the TV show  “Rawhide”  which had several spanking scenes throughout the years. In this one John Kerr spanks Roxanne Berard. Watch closely to see who is on one of the horses,  it’s none other than a young Clint Eastwood playing  ‘Rowdy Yates’.

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