10 Year Anniversary

It is hard to believe,  but today marks the 10 year anniversary of this blog. Started on December 23rd,  2006,  I actually made my first post the very next day on the 24 of December,  2006. Over the years many blogs have come and gone,  but I have been fortunate enough that I have been allowed the time to maintain my one for a decade now.

As you are no doubt aware,  this year hasn’t been the most productive in terms of posting as have the previous nine,  but I intend on sticking it out for another ten years if I can. It is just one of those things,  real life sometimes takes hold and my work schedule has reduced my posting activity this year.

Starting next week I will begin posting my annual top ten lists from the year,  beginning with the ever popular top ten posts of 2016. There is always one post in particular that sticks out every year,  but I’m not a stat whore so when I find out what it is,  it will be as much of a surprise to me as it will be to you. One thing that I do know,  because I did do a count on the story views/reads for the year,  is that this year will mark the first year that the story of the first spanking that I ever gave is no longer the most read story in a calendar year.

It is really insane the amount of times the stories get read,  even though some of them have been up for ten years. The stories alone are read 230 times a day combined,  that’s 1600 times a week and 84,000 times a year. I think that it is telling me that I really should write more stories.

Anyway,  more tomorrow,  for now though I hope that you all enjoy the festive season no matter what holiday you celebrate,  and may peace be upon you all.

4 comments to 10 Year Anniversary

  • Noel Airman

    All this compilation does is remind me how much I miss Pixie. The Christmas video you two made in 2006 remains one of my all-time favorites. Miss Wells looks so young, vulnerable and sweet I have to believe she must have been an absolute darling in those days and that spanking her must have been a pleasure despite your hot and uncomfortable costume. Also, she must have been tough as nails to endure a severe belting while not shedding a single tear.

  • Tim

    Cograts from Tim on your Blogversity,best from Tim ,.

  • Congratulation on your Tenth Anniversary, Richard! Very few of us spanko bloggers and webmasters manage to hold out out that long.


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