Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 42 – Kiss Me Kate

The fact that I haven’t posted this week should give you some indication as to how busy I have been with work. Lot’s of long hours and accompanying stress 🙂

If I keep in mind though that there are others who work longer and harder hours than I do,  and some with multiple jobs,  then it should be easy for me to put some effort into posting. What better things are there at the end of a stressful day than to look at some spanking material.

Before I give you half a dozen pics this week,  one exciting development that arose at work is that we are expanding our location in India. That will mean that in the new year during the first quarter,  somebody will go to New Delhi to set up servers. Now I volunteered to do the job,  and it was accepted,  let’s just hope that they don’t change their mind. One thing that you won’t know of me through my blog is that I am a lover of different cultures and the people from those places. I’m always fascinated by people who live a different life to me. Places on my hit list are Japan,  India,  The Czech Republic,  in fact I could probably list every country and find something about it that appeals to me. For the British folk out there,  as you can imagine,  my DVD case is filled with documentaries by Michael Palin and the entire BBC Earth collection.

My favorite one of all? It is obviously a hard choice,  especially as I am a huge fan of David Attenborough,  but my favorite I would have to say is WILD CHINA. Narrated by old Yosser Hughes himself,  Bernard Hill. If you are a nature lover like myself and you also love culture,  without a doubt that is one recommendation that I would make to you. That is just one thing that you might not know about me,  I love people of all races,  ethnicity,  and backgrounds.

Right,  as promised,  six spanking pics from Kiss Me Kate. The first thing that I will do is defer to my fellow blogger,  but one who is an archivist in the truest sense,  Harry. It is a fundamental courtesy to link into a fellow collector when you know that their input on the topic is far greater than yours. Even though I post my own collection I would be denying you the pleasure of Harry’s wonderful work if I didn’t link to him. So here are all the links to his Kiss Me Kate/Taming of the Shrew pages,  though I have no doubt there are more there than I have listed. Link 1,  Link 2,  Link 3,  Link 4,  Link 5,  Link 6,  Link 7. Each link has a multitude of spanking pics to see in each.

Now for my offering. Picture number one is one of the better versions from my collection,  a professional press photograph from 1959 which is huge. You will have to click this one for the monster sized version. These will all be added to my own KISS ME KATE FOLDER where you can find all of my rare black and white contributions to the spanking world.

1959 Press Photo 2x2 Negative HS Play Boy Spanks Girl Kiss Me Kate

The second pic is also a larger one which is a panoramic view of all participants from 1969.

Fayetteville AR 69

Pics three and four are two Kiss Me Kate’s that I enjoy,  and you may have read in the past that I am not a big fan of Kiss Me Kate spanking pics by any means. In these two though at least the girl is in the proper OTK position and the guys hand is where it should be,  around her waist. From 1974 and 1970 respectively.

brunswick 74 christopher dock 70

And here are two more to finish off this post. Whenever I post Kiss Me Kate pics I generally do so in batches,  because like I said,  they aren’t favorites of mine,  but luckily for you I have dozens of them.

belmont hill 80

hillcrest mo 78

2 comments to Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 42 – Kiss Me Kate

  • ?Thank you very much for your kind words, Richard. I’m going to disagree with you on one thing. I believe that the fundamental courtesy of acknowledging somebody else’s research is an obligation when a person uses it in their own work, and the equally fundamental courtesy of linking back is an obligation when a person appropriates discoveries without adding anything substantive of their own. I’m all for making the spanking internet a more courteous and civilized place than it has been so far. But what you’ve done here goes beyond that: you acknowledged my work when you didn’t have any basic obligation to do so, and I count that as an act of generosity. Three thumbs up to you!

  • jimc

    Hi Richard, Thank you for posting the Kiss Me Kate ones and I would guess judging by some other sites for some reason do not like Kiss Me Kate either On one side I think it may have something to do about period wear and I think another is what you describe as incorrect positioning of hand and bottom even otk. I myself just enjoy seeing women otk more than anything else so I am more biased to that vein than that of any other I may find. Oh, by the way hope you get your India trip although I would imagine that your spanking blogs would take a hit as you would be busier and also enjoying learning about the new culture and maybe finding some new spanking experiences as well.Thanks for all the pics and the links like Harry said it was a very classy thing to do. Have a great day.


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