Streetcar Sundays – 1

Today I start a new feature on this site. The Sorority Spanking Sundays feature will continue but I have moved it to my vintage site. You can find the first entry on the vintage site,  and the 31st sorority spanking in total RIGHT HERE.

This new feature will be primarily for my new MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS folder. Once I sort out the duplicates I have around 70 spanking pics from this play,  aside from the ones that I have already posted. This won’t be the only play featured though as I have lots more to share. As an example,   I have 20 spanking pics from the play  “Act Your Age“.

I’m going to start this week with a bonus feature to get us going,  but I will only add two of them to the Streetcars folder. Now while all of these pics feature the same couple,  the spanking pics appeared in two different years. The first one is from 1955 and features a rehearsal spanking for the play. Being that there is a year between pics,  one wonders just how many times they had to rehearse the spanking scene 🙂

The other two pics are the same,  however,  they are different copies so I figured I would share them both with you. These pics are from 1956.



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