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This was a topic that crossed my mind last night so I looked at my fictional stories to see if there was a trend as to what type characters people like to read about. I’m not a person who is a  ‘stat whore’  by any means,  but for this post I did go back to check on the number of story views that each individual fictional story has. These are genuine numbers as well,  not manipulated or heavily inflated ones. While I am not sure if I can see that much of a trend,  it is clear that a certain type of story that I write is not as popular as others.

Before continuing,  I did want to point out that my final vendor’s page has been added and the page is now complete. The page is MISS CHRIS’  TEXAS TOYS where you can view the items that she makes,  and also included is a link to her professional spanking website. Check it out HERE.

There are many story writers out there and I have a feeling that almost all of them stick to a formula that works for them. This formula would generally be an extension of who that person is. Their characters fall into a  ‘type’  pool,  indeed as does the structure of the story as well. In their spanking stories the same types of implements are always used,  the same principal type of characters are used,  and also how the spanking is conducted also follows a pattern.

Like anything,  there are always deviations to these patterns,  but for the most part certain elements always appear in their stories. I get that as well,  in fact I pretty much advocate for it because fans of a person’s work will gravitate back towards that person if they like the style and structure of the stories that have been written so far.

My fictional stories are no different to what I have stated above,  there are certain elements that I always include and there are certain elements that I never include. For example I never include the cane in any fictional story because I’m not able to relate to it. That’s quite ironic to say really because many of my REAL LIFE SPANKING STORIES feature the cane in abundance,  but that is almost always at the request of another person. Girls tend to like the way that I cane so it is something that is frequently requested of me. It is also super rare that I have used a belt in a fictional story,  which is somewhat surprising because leather can be really hot in the scene.

Another item that I try to avoid is any type of family dynamic. As with the MOTHER SPANKS series I can go as far as including a Mother – Daughter spanking,  but that is pretty much the limit for family involvement. Spanking in my mind is as far away from family involvement as can be. You will never find nudity in my spanking stories,  that’s the polar opposite of how I see spanking. Rarely will there be any description of genitalia in my stories either. In regards to structure there will never be any ABDL in my stories,  even though I know that the genre is getting very popular at spanking parties,  it isn’t something that I understand so therefore it isn’t something that I can write about. And lastly,  even though I have had numerous requests for the opposite,  in my stories the spanker has to be older than the spankee. In real life it doesn’t matter as much to me because we are all adults,  but in a story though it can only work for me if the spanker is older than the spankee.

There are many other nuances that apply to myself as well as all other writers,  I can’t cover them all but what I am going to do right now is break down my fictional spanking stories and talk about the characters who are involved.

The most read fictional story on my website since the inception of this blog is the story 3 GIRLS. There are a couple of non fiction stories that have been read more but this is the most read fictional story. If stats are your thing then the story has been read 28,678 times since I posted it.

In this story a girl gets a birthday spanking from her friend’s dad. This is a common theme in my stories,  it is the dissociation from family that I have to have. Of course the friend’s dad takes liberties and raises the skirt of the birthday girl which is also exceedingly common in virtually every story that I read. I’m fully aware that for some people it has to be bare bottom 100% of the time,  but I have a mental block there. From an early age the biggest embarrassment and humiliation that a person could have during a spanking would be that their underwear was on display. It is more realistic than I think people give it credit for,  which is perhaps also related to my desire to avoid any family style interactions. It would be extremely rare for a spanking to be given bare to a non family member,  unless we are talking about someone’s fantasies. It is something that has always been a part of me,  to me a non bare spanking is far more realistic than a bare one. I understand that I am in the lower percentile with those thoughts,  but at least they are my honest thoughts.

As we arrive at the second most read fictional spanking story I was able to see a little trend when combined with the third most read story. The second most read is purely a fantasy spanking in an unrealistic setting and it is called JANE’S BIRTHDAY SPANKING. The characters in this story are a summer camp director and a camp counselor.

For a four year period I lived at a camp year round as they also had a respite program,  so a camp counselor getting a spanking has long been a fantasy scenario for me. In total I worked 5 years at a summer camp during the actual summers,  but it was only really the first one out in Ohio that could be considered frisky. The other four years were in the New York region and while there was a lot of action if you know what I mean,  for the most part it was all vanilla. Out in Ohio it was quite common during the Reveille,  and the raising of the flag first thing in the morning to be greeted by the contents of someone’s panty raid being removed from the flagpole first before the flag could be raised. Birthday spankings,  while not common,  did occur,  and it was commonplace to see a girl get a swat on the butt every now and then.

The third story on the list of most viewed fictional spanking stories is just about the exact same type of story as the two above,  nothing more than a playful birthday spanking. This spanking is between the next door neighbor and a frisky young female,  it is also implied at the end of the story that the mother of the girl is going to get a spanking as well. This story is called BIRTHDAY SPANKING FOR LAURA and is one of many stories that I have written that needs a follow up badly. While I haven’t written that many spanking stories featuring neighbors,  it is a theme that comes up fairly often in my stories. It is quite funny really because having lived in New York for the last 25 years I rarely have any interaction with my neighbors whatsoever. It is vastly different from the time I grew up in England where the neighbors were pretty much seen as an extension of ones own family,  albeit in a different light. Communities were much closer when I grew up.

All of the first three stories are pretty much the same in regards to their structure,  a playful birthday spanking given to the seat of the birthday girl’s panties. Each story has over 25,000 views and for whatever reason it is a genre that people like to read of my website. The next story on the list of fictional spanking stories is just shy of 25,000 views having been read 24,270 times at the time of writing and it is the last of the big four stories before we start to see a big drop off in views,  though the numbers for the rest of the stories are still fairly decent.

The fourth story on the list is called THE FLY ON THE WALL and to me it is somewhat surprising that it has garnered so many views. The reason that I find it surprising is because it is the one genre that I have only ever written one story about,  so it isn’t the normal type of story that I write. The characters in this story feature three dynamics,  girlfriend and boyfriend,  girlfriend’s mother and boyfriend and finally a mother spanks daughter scene to finish it off. In fact they aren’t totally boyfriend and girlfriend rather next door neighbors,  but there is a romantic element to them.

It’s also unique in that after the mother catches her daughter playfully spanking her boyfriend,  she has no problems in baring his bottom to use her hairbrush on it in front of the girlfriend. That is also something that I rarely entertain when I write my stories. So in terms of non playful spankings this is the most read serious spanking scenario and it features a heavy dose of the one genre that I don’t write about,  F/M spanking. Obviously I know that there is an interest in this genre,  but I didn’t really expect it on my site as that genre is very rare on here. Also,  in the MOTHER SPANKS – THE BEST FRIEND story I left a survey as to what people would like to see in part 3,  and at least 40% of those responses requested that Tim should take his turn over the lap of his girlfriend’s mother for some maternal spanking justice.

My guess is that the request is so frequent because I assume that 75-80% of my blog readers are male. I don’t know that for sure,  I’m just taking an educated guess. It is a tough genre for me to write about because I don’t have any psychological experience to draw from,  so I have to use guesswork to describe the emotional aspect.

After these four stories we drop down to under 20,000 views. The next three stories in order have been viewed between 18,000 to 20,00 times,  which is in the second tier,  but after these spanking stories there is a huge drop off. The stories in this section are as follows. A SIMPLE BIRTHDAY SPANKING which is just like the first three on the list,  though this one is a lot shortly and features next door neighbors. This is followed by Nurse Byron and the Manor House which is probably my darkest story to date,  and perhaps the longest. The unique part about this story is that the characters are not your standard pairings for a spanking story,  in this story it is Stately house owner and a nurse.

The last story in tier two with just a shade under 18,000 views is part one of the recent series that I started, MOTHER SPANKS DAUGHTER – OVERHEARD. Obviously the dynamic in this one is right in the title,  mother and daughter. If I was to revisit this post a year from now I am going to guess that this story will be in the 1st tier by then as the story is read far more often than the rest in the period of the last two years.

Once again the story views drop off in a large number again down to a third tier. NEED A RIDE HOME has 12,573 views and straddles the line between playful and serious. The characters in this story are coworkers, which is a genre that I don’t think that I have written about other than in this story. This is followed with 10,211 views by A LODGER’S REGRET which is self explanatory when it comes to the spanking dynamic of Landlord and Lodger. Yet again this is a serious spanking with no playful elements and it is the last story with over 10,000 views. The story INTO A FARAWAY PLACE is just short of 10,000 views and is my most ambitious effort to date. The nexus of the story is a caning between a School Master and a Student,  but it isn’t conventional. This story features the dream of a girl who is caned as a boy at the turn of the 20th century.

The last four stories on this list are on the bottom rung in terms of views,  each only garnering between 6,000 and 7,000 views. There are other fictional stories on my website that I haven’t cataloged under the fictional spanking stories banner just yet,  but I’m pretty certain that none of them have generated more than 7,000 views. Here are the bottom four on the ladder and the spanking dynamic between the participants.

THE FIRST TIME IS NEVER PERFECT features the first spanking between a boyfriend and girlfriend.

THE PHONE CONVERSATION is a playful discussion between a college girl and her former neighbor. What could have been may still happen.

THE FAKE RAT this was actually written based on discussions with the model Amber Grey. Not only did we act the scene out at a party once,  we subsequently filmed it as well at a later date. The characters in this story are camp counselor and camper.

MOTHER SPANKS – THE BEST FRIEND has the least views at 6,131,  however,  it is almost certainly going to be the most viewed post on my website in 2019 as it was only posted this year,  and it will eventually be a tier 1 story of which I am in no doubt. This chapter features a Mother and her daughter’s best friend,  a playful spanking with a little zest put into it.

Do you have story characters that make or break a spanking story for you?

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