Windsor Sunday Candids – 86

Yesterday I started to write an article on story characters and how writers of spanking stories all tend to follow a pattern of what they do and do not include in a spanking story. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to finish it but hopefully I can get that up tomorrow,  it is quite interesting to see the patterns to be honest with you. Normally I don’t use website stats,  but in this instance I did use them to see what people were reading and I was quite surprised when the answers appeared.

This week I am skipping the MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS pic in favor of posting a photo from the play The Monkey’s Uncle. The photo is from 1952 and was taken in Waterloo,  IN.

There aren’t too many 1950’s photos where a woman is getting spanked on the seat of her jeans but this is one of the plays where the woman does. So I hope that you enjoy it and I will add this photo to my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS spanking folder where you will find the other The Monkey’s Uncle spanking pics that I have posted so far.

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