Windsor Wednesday Classic – 159

The Wednesday classic is a day late this week but it was kind of planned. On Tuesday I posted my STORY CHARACTERS muse,  and as I put a lot of effort into it I wanted to make sure that the post had top billing for a couple of days to allow everyone a chance to read it. What I am going to do is give you the picture first for those of you who only want the spanking content,  and underneath the photo I will continue telling you about my plans for when I am away in Japan starting a week from Monday.

The spanking image this week will be added to my SENIOR SUPERLATIVES folder which already holds some awesome spanking images. This image is from Ponca City,  OK in 1958 and it features a brother spanking his sister. One assumes that they are twins.

This weekend I am going to try my hardest to pre-post every Wednesday and Sunday for the month of December. As you all know by now I am off to Japan a week from Monday and I will be there until Christmas Eve,  which is also the day that will be this blog’s 13th anniversary. I want to make sure that you all have at least two spanking posts a week to enjoy while I am gone.

My spanking archive isn’t coming with me,  however,  along with the pre-post’s that I am making there will be a lot of vanilla content shared with you as well. My video recorder is coming with me and while I might not get to post on travel days,  my goal is to upload a video daily as well as recording 40 or so videos to put in the bank that I can post in 2020.

My itinerary is taking shape though it isn’t complete by any means. First off I will be in Tokyo for ten days with day trips to Chiba and Yokohama. Now I may go to other places during the first ten days but you also have to remember that Tokyo has hundred’s of things to do and see on its own,  so I may well spend the rest of the time in Tokyo. From there,  in order,  I am going to the following places. Kanazawa,  Takaoka,  Kyoto,  Hiroshima,  Osaka and Nara before returning to Tokyo. There will more than likely be two more places to add to the list but I haven’t decided where exactly those will be,  but I will have a spare day in each of Kanazawa and Kyoto to make a day trip. Miyajima Island is one of the most beautiful places on the planet,  but I’m not sure if I can pull off going there. I only have two full days in Hiroshima and I’m not sure if I can free one of those for a day trip to the island. We will see.

Something that I have also mentioned on this blog many times is my love for the band BiSH. Last year I was fortunate enough to see them twice in Tokyo even though each ticket cost me $150. They will also be playing Tokyo twice during this trip but the likelihood that I will get to see them this year is next to zero. Over the last twelve months the band has blown up  (they are currently #2 on the Japanese charts)  and resale tickets are currently going for $300 a pop. While they are an awesome band and their live shows are outstanding,  there ain’t no way in hell I am paying more than $150 to see them.

I just paused to check current prices as I was writing this and tickets for the show on the 29th have been distributed. Resale right now is about $170 a ticket,  there might be a chance after all.

On my first day in Japan I am going to be doing a sunrise trip and shooting 4 videos on the first day. The first video will be on Orange street in Asakusa long before the stores open. It is just coincidental that BiSH filmed their first music video on this same street,  my reason for actually going there is that all of the storefront shutters have paintings on them,  and there are dozens of them. At the end of that street will be video two which is probably the most famous temple in Tokyo,  Senso-Ji. The crowds at this temple are mental so as it is only 4 stops on the subway from my hotel I am going to get there for 6am to film the temple at sunrise. Later that day I will film Nakano sun plaza and then I will finish off at Nakano Broadway. The last stop is going to be an expensive one,  lol. At Nakano Broadway they have several second hand merchandise shops and I know that I am going to drop at least a 100 bucks if not more while I am there. Below is the item that is top of my want list. A figurine of the late Hide from X-Japan. I have figurines from around the world and I want this figure really badly.

4 thoughts on “Windsor Wednesday Classic – 159

  1. This is a fine photograph, Richard! First, I have a thing for brother/sister spankings. And second, it’s very cute and sweet in its own right. You know these two love each other as brother and sister, and Judy seems quite content to be spanked by Larry. This may well have been a birthday spanking.

  2. web-ed,

    Unfortunately it doesn’t mention anything about a birthday spanking, though the possibility is always there. This photo was under the title of “Citizens of the month” and unfortunately in the book it doesn’t confirm that they are twins, I am merely taking a guess there.


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