Shadowlane,The Little Horror,and Webmaster Madness.

My party ticket is in hand,it’s official,I’m going to Shadowlane’s 30th anniversary party this year!! After my last post I received several emails and notifications on various forums letting me know that a whole host of people I know are going. Hope to see you there and be sure to come up and say hi,I don’t bite (ain’t got no teeth to bite anyway:-)) and despite my rough exterior I am pretty friendly. Just don’t piss me off!!

Tomorrow I am going to make another post in regards to The Little Horror (my affectionate nickname for Pixie). As you all know,she is going to be doing her annual Cause for Paws charity event in a couple of months time,and along with Lily Anna and Juliet Valentina I have volunteered my services to help her out any way I can. I will fill you in more tomorrow,but I have volunteered to help coordinate the auction of spanking items. So with the resources that I have acquired,I will be reaching out to spanking vendors and try to round up as many items as I can that we can use to auction off for the charity,it should be a lot of fun.

This last part is for webmasters only,so for the most of you,you will probably want to stop reading now 🙂

In a short while I will be making a post regarding promoting websites using your blog,and as you all know I have been aggressively flogging Hot Movies for a long time now. Let me give you an idea of what I am talking about,right now I have 371 active members that have signed up to Hot Movies,which means any time that any of those members make a purchase,I get commission from the sale. Want to get an idea of the sales it is generating? As it stands right now I have made sales for 48 straight days!!! Here is a screen shot of June’s sales,and as you can see I earned enough money to pay for my Shadowlane ticket and pretty much my hotel room just from one month. That’s over $300 for June alone,and so far for July I have earned nearly $100.

We are talking stupid money here and if you don’t get on board you are missing out on a whole lot. Now you have to practice patience,you aren’t going to earn that amount in one month. The way Hot Movies works is that the more people you get to sign up,the better the sales get each month. It may take you six months to build a good network,but once you do you should be rolling in it. The best part of all of it is that you can market whatever you want. If you go to my SPANKING PICS site right now you will see that I have put a panty video up and created a few panty galleries as well to market some panty films. Here are the four panty links that I created.

So if you want in on it,click the pretty girl below and get started. You won’t be disappointed and it is by far my best webmaster referral site by a long shot.

2 comments to Shadowlane,The Little Horror,and Webmaster Madness.

  • Ben(Ugootk)


    I’ll be coming to Shadowlane also. See my profile and friendship offer on Fetlife. I’ll be also renting a car,so if you need to go shopping or anything,let me know.

    Do you know the date of Pixie’s auction?


  • “despite my rough exterior I am pretty friendly. Just don’t piss me off!!”

    hahaha…have I told you lately that you are my favorite?

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