Pixie – A totally sassy brat

There is one thing that I love more than anything else when spanking a naughty girl, and that is when the girl on the receiving end has a smart attitude and can’t seem to keep her comments to herself. Pixie recently asked her readers which scene they would prefer to be added for the next ‘Richard Windsor spanks Pixie’ scene, and I have to admit I was quite pleased that “Bubblegum Brat” was chosen. When we go into a scene it is with the basic premise of what the scene entails, but once we start we ad lib the whole spanking. I love this because it gives Pixie the chance to excel at what she does best, and that of course is being a naughty little girl 🙂

3 thoughts on “Pixie – A totally sassy brat

  1. Richard yes i enjoyed your video with Pixie on p.B.she is a cute little spankee .look forward to your spanks ith your local girl ,sounds fun .best wishes from tim

  2. Haha! Pixie + Bubblegum = awesome. I wanted to add some bubble gum to my 50’s scene with soundpunishment, but the whole thing went in a different direction. Ah well. Leave it to the pros. You guys are great together!!!

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