Windsor Wednesday Classic –24

My excitement level is building,  next week I am going to a gathering where I have two scenes planned with two special girls. If any other play happens then great,  but if it doesn’t then I will leave a happy man. It helps that this weekend I will be going to the house so that will take the edge off some anxiety.

One of the girls even has a punishment coming for disrespectful behavior,  and boy is that going to hurt. As important as anything though,  I can’t wait to hang out with some great guys.

This week’s Wednesday classic falls along the lines of the Spanking Squire that I posted on my vintage blog this week. It is from the movie “The ups and downs of a handyman” and I have had this pic since 2008,  but I have never posted it before. Underneath the pic I have uploaded a movie of all of the spankings in this film that I created a few years ago.


upsanddowns2 by richardwindsor

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