King Of Comedy

Even though I grew up in the UK, and the timeframe would certainly fit that I would remember this person if I had heard of him. Sadly though, the name Hector Nicol doesn’t mean anything to me. He was a Scottish comedian so it is quite likely that his act was more regional, plus you have to keep in mind that Billy Connolly was perhaps the most famous comedian of that time, and he was also Scottish so he would have taken most of the media attention.

Anyway, if you are around my age then this image should stir up some good memories. Do you remember the days when it was quite normal practice for a lady to wear a skirt, slip, stockings, suspenders and silky knickers? I sure do 😉

This image appeared on a retro British comedy channel on Twitter recently and I love it!! It brings back such great memories of days gone by.

This will be added to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder.

6 thoughts on “King Of Comedy

  1. Hi Richard, hope you’re well.
    I don’t remember the guy either, could you please tell us how to find yhis channel, also we had a couple of progs on Dave Allen last night on BBC2 and there’s Les Dawson tonight.
    Colin Mann

  2. Judging by what she is wearing I would go a little later into the 70s, probably towards the latter end. It is a great pic though that showed up on a vanilla Twitter page.

  3. This picture appears on the cover of two VHS tapes on Amazon uk. Neither available anymore.

    There are numerous clips of him on YouTube.

    The young lady doesn’t seem to feature!

  4. Theo,

    I actually looked that up after you mentioned it and the image on the cover of those two VHS tapes are slightly different to the image that I have shown here. That means that there is at least one more spanking pic out there to find 🙂


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