Windsor Wednesday Classic – 158

Yet another project is finished and that is the page that I have created for vendors of spanking equipment. If you want to be added to the link page then just shoot me an email at and I will be happy to add you. Right now only four of the five vendors pages are live,  though I expect the last one to go live soon. You see I’m a bit old school,  as I’m using their platforms and more importantly their images,  I ask permission first before I use the work of a fellow spanko. It’s different if I am spamming a paysite that is mutually beneficial to us both,  that is actually what the promo material is there for,  to use. Just one of my many hangups in life,  having some ethics,  lol.

So here is the main page that is the hub for all vending pages. The Miss Chris one is not active yet simply because I know that she is dealing with some things at the moment and will take a little longer to get back to me. One she does I will let you all know that her page is live as well.

CLICK HERE for the main vending page hub. I’m quite happy how it turned out to be honest with you. Below is the individual pages for the first four vendors that I have listed.





Do me a favor and check out the vendor pages first. This is a labor of love,  I created these pages out of kindness with no strings attached. Just my way of giving back to the community.

Now onto our weekly Wednesday classic,  and this week I have a two for one for you,  with both of them being birthday spankings from long ago. The first one appears to be at a family gathering in 1965 where a young lady by the name of Sue is having some help celebrating her 18th birthday.

Both images will be added to my WINDSOR’S BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS folder.

The second image is a throw in based on the topic. Quite honestly it would be likely that I would never post this so I figured why not add it to a post I am already making. This image is from 1970 and there is one glaring difference to the image above. In the above image the guys hold the girl down for one guy to spank her. In this image,  as you can see,  the girls all hold the guy down and all five of them are swinging away at his butt,  and with some vigor it seems.