Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 125

Unfortunately we are not able to see the woman’s face, but the little that we can see would indicate that she is in the same age range as the man doing the spanking. Now I have seen some pretty shitty things said about an elderly member of the spanking community, so I am doing my part to promote the senior love. One is NEVER too old for a spanking!! I only hope that when I am that age that I am also giving it the good old college try, lol.

The image is huge so just click on it for the full sized version.

2 thoughts on “Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 125

  1. Love it, agree never too old for a spanking. Last year (November) met up with a 89 year old lady who decided she wanted a spanking over her panties then on her bare bottom. Naturally I obliged she got a good hand spanking as per her request. Ended up with a red bottom a few tears in her eyes but stated it was just what she wanted.

  2. Phil,

    For many years I always ran into a problem where people would think that I only played with models. It simply wasn’t true, they were judging that by the personal pictures that I shared. Truth be known I have played with women across all age spectrums, all races and all sizes. In regards to the oldest I would have no idea, but I would easily say into the 70s, and it is quite possible the 80s I guess, but one just doesn’t ask a lady’s age. If I was to take an educated guess then I would say that the oldest spankee that I played with would have been in her 70s.


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