Unknown Stage Spanking

When I made my POST YESTERDAY regarding an awesome photo that I found, I assumed that I was going to be pretty alone in thinking how great the photo was. True enough, I received one comment and one response on Twitter. Not that I mind though, the picture is friggin’ awesome to me and I love it. I think what I found interesting though was that the post that I made last week, the one where I suggested WRITING A NOTE to a potential spanker, for that one I received several messages on Twitter and even two emails on the subject. As I have mentioned many times, you can never put a marker on what it is that people like in the spanking world.

This week I looked into my vast collection of spanking photos. It is a vast collection and I don’t need to tell any porky pies to inflate the numbers, but I have been collecting for years and some photos I have had for 15 years that I never posted. Our photo today I have only held for two years, and this is just a small version of the image. I actually have the full yearbook in PDF format so the actual image is ginormous. Unfortunately there isn’t much background info to the image though because it was on a page with no identifying information attached to it.

What we can see is that the spanking is taking place on a stage, but there could be a whole variety of reasons as to why. It could be a PLAYFUL SPANKING, it could be a BIRTHDAY SPANKING, it could be two stagehands fooling around or it could be a rehearsal for a skit, who knows. The only play that happened at that school for this particular year was “Uncle Tom’s Crabbin'”, and I found no other spanking reference for that play in any of my play related searches, so my educated guess here is that this scene was for a later skit at an evening variety performance. Those skits are the hardest to search for because many of them were written specifically for the individual variety shows. So I will add this photo to my collection of originally found STAGE SPANKING photos.

2 thoughts on “Unknown Stage Spanking

  1. ?I don’t think this is from a play or any other kind of theatrical piece. It doesn’t look like a stage to me, so much as a large, almost empty room with floorboards.

    Since you don’t give much information about the context, it is worth starting with the facts that this is from a high school in Connecticut and from the year 1956. The girl is a little hard to identify, but the spanker is unmistakably the class president, whose name was William. (I would give his full name on my own site, but I defer to your preference not to on yours.) His yearbook page lists his extra-curricular activities, and they don’t include either the dramatics club or the variety show; his interests clearly lay mainly on the sports field. He also doesn’t appear in the group photograph of the dramatics club or the large selection of pictures of the variety performance; the latter, incidentally, gives us a very good look at the set, which doesn’t match the background in the photo.

    So what we have is actually a candid shot of some kind of horseplay – though since another of William’s activities was membership of the ‘Mind Your Manners Panel’, maybe she didn’t mind hers!

  2. I always enjoy the hair being affected by gravity while otk as you said it could be senior suportive and it could be a birthday spanking reading Harry’s comment made me think of the perfect caption (William blank beat blank blank for class president and took a victory lap) thanks for sharing and have a great day.

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