Going Old School

It is amazing how much extra time I have now that I have left social media, I guess I never realized just how much time I spent on there wasting away my days. The reason that I mention that is because this week, for the first time in months, I was able to start searching books again, but doing so the old fashioned way.

Why do I own so many spanking pics that have never been seen before? It is because I do things the old school way, I search every book from pillar to post. So far I have completed 6 states for the 1950’s and I have three states partially done, so obviously I have another 41 states to go once I finish those 3. And that is just for the 1950s!!

So most of what I find isn’t labelled, there is no word ‘Spanking’ to search, no play name to search, all I have is my time to go through every page looking for spanking pics that most of the time have no spanking reference. Because that takes a ridiculous amount of time, I will continue to discover new pics all the time. My normal routine is to try and do a 100 books per sitting, which perhaps isn’t as many as it sounds, and a lot of times I don’t find a single spanking pic. Over the last two days for example I found exactly one spanking pic.

So keep coming here, I will always have something new for you, long before my finds are appropriated elsewhere. Of course eventually they will be independently found, independently found on Richard Windsor’s spanking blog of course, lol.

The image today will be added to my SENIOR SUPERLATIVES folder. It looks like the guy knows where the target is đŸ˜‰

4 thoughts on “Going Old School

  1. You continue to amaze. Great find and yes many of us appreciate your efforts and work. This is another classic. I felt those type of ping pong paddles many times growing up.
    Thanks sir

  2. Another good find, Richard! You really have to wonder what was going on here (birthday spanking?) and why the woman’s ping-pong paddle has the letter “J” on it.

    Your method of going through the books seems to be about the same as one of the ones I use for comics – go through the scans page by page and look for spankings. (By way of contrast, Sweetspot employs a different method from ours: he searches for words like “spank” within the scans which has allowed him to go through a boatload of old comic strips).

    By the way, when I copy one of your photos, I always add “Windsor” to the file name so I know where it came from (this is more certain than remembering to put “Windsor” into the pic’s metadata later) and won’t forget to credit you for the find when I post it on CSR. Of course because I work slowly I’ve got several of your finds slated for my Photo Gallery but they haven’t gone in yet.

  3. web-ed,

    The issue that I encounter is that the search engine for books like these is incredibly basic. Of course you will get a nice healthy bunch with the word “Spank” or the name of any play, but most of the photos aren’t labelled in any way, and the search tool sucks, lol. For example, one ‘Men are like streetcars’ pic that I found can’t be found in the search engine at all, yet if you put the same search term in the engine and add one more word, it appears as the first find, lol. Quite simply it won’t be found, unless you search through the entire archive like I did. It is a good little hobby to have though, it kills some spare time and is always exciting when something new turns up. In fact just this week I found images from a known play and there is not one spanking pic, but actually two!!

    I have never even concerned myself with content that you use. You have always been very respectful when it comes to having ethics and I hope that I also offer the same common courtesy. Besides, it’s not like you are building an archive from the material that I find, you are just making additions to your collection. As I have said before, feel free to use anything that you want with my blessing, you already have my respect đŸ™‚


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