Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 128

Are you enjoying the current batch of spanking posts so far? Maybe I will post something new every day in June, encouraging words always help 🙂 This week I am posting one from the play Meet Me in St. Louis. I will add this to my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS folder where you will find a handful of other pics from the same play. Someone seems a little bored with this rehearsal, any suggestions as to how we can get her more interested? 🙂

8 thoughts on “Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 128

  1. No don’t do it you’re not a young man any more, take it easy.
    And what about the rest of us?
    My 1st flush is long gone, we’ll all go blind etc etc.
    And what would the Queen think then?
    Colin xx
    ps hows that for encouragment.

  2. Colin,

    You lost me a little bit, lol, but either way thanks for your continued support. I have a little plan for some interaction on the blog, though I am aware that male top run blogs do not draw much interaction at all.

    One time a fellow spanking blogger announced to his audience that he did a search for “Playful spankings” and he found a whole horde of them. All I could think was that before he snaffled a hundred of them, couldn’t he at least have said “Hello” or “Nice collection” or something? 🙂


  3. A picture a day would be delightful!

    A nice picture too. Maybe the spanking hasn’t actually started and she’s just looking forward to it…

  4. Really enjoy school plays that have spankings.while the spankee does look bored it does look like Redlands is quite capable of correcting her boredom.I love otk and this was excellent.Thanks

  5. Spell check is such a pain sometimes I said the spanker and somehow it came up with redboards.

  6. Theo,

    Well getting feedback and comments always helps. I won’t lie, if I post ten pics in a row and don’t hear a sausage back, then I’m generally like “Fuck this”. There are always a handful of guys though such as yourself who go the extra mile to leave a comment here or there. Mind you it is just a drop in the ocean being that I get over 4,000 visitors a week 😉


  7. Jimc,

    Even though the quality of the images aren’t great, I do enjoy finding pictures like this one. Something very different that perhaps only a handful of people have seen before.


  8. This is a fine picture, thanks for continuing to share the wealth. I’ve always enjoyed pics where the spankee displays some level of amusement. In this case it’s too bad they don’t have the next (imagined) shot, where the first spank lands a little more enthusiastically than expected and her expression changes!

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