Windsor Wednesday Classic – 234

Yet another one of my spanking newspaper finds, including the details of said spanking. Not much more from me other than the pic today, but at least it is something, right 😉 This will be added to my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS folder.

4 thoughts on “Windsor Wednesday Classic – 234

  1. Perfect positioning for a good spanking and at the moment it does look like Gail is enjoying her position.great find and the caption does indeed say it all.Thanks.

  2. Wonderful find, Richard! Look at that happy expression on the brat’s face! The unusual name of this high school – Rush-Henrietta – helps us date and locate this one. I find that the two separate school districts, Rush and Henrietta (in New York State) were united in 1946. Therefore this picture was probably taken sometime between 1946, when the Bobby sox era had already begun, and 1960.

    Trying to look up our spankee, the oldest Gail Gorecki I could find was born in 1948, making her probably too young to be our “brat” here unless some girls were still wearing Bobby sox in 1963.

  3. Jim,

    I agree with you totally, Gail seems to be having a whale of a time!! I bet that rehearsals were fun 🙂

  4. Web-ed,
    The year is 1958 so that would have put the birth year around 1939/40, so you are correct on your timeline between 46 and 60. Gail certainly does look happy, doesn’t she? I would hazard a guess that they had to practice this scene many times over 😉

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