Got The Angles Covered

I once did an entire post on this subject,  and that is the angle that I look for in spanking pics. This isn’t something that I get to practice too much myself,  but in Vegas the ever so sweet,  ellee,  agreed that I could set my camera up to capture it from a tripod. Now I haven’t mastered it yet,  I still need to capture what my vision is,  but unless I am taking the pic of someone else playing I will have to use my tripod. What I need to do is move the camera about 12 more inches to the left as you look at the picture below.

There is a deeper meaning for me if you read the other post,  but one of the main attractions for me is the female form. The curve of the bottom looks awesome and you can see the redness showing. All four limbs off the floor and skirt pulled way up,  it really doesn’t get much better for my personal viewing pleasure. This picture is of ellee and myself and is a sneak preview of part 6 of my Vegas spanking trip. Hopefully tomorrow I will have part 3 done which features ellee and her twin sister,  Alex Reynolds.


2 comments to Got The Angles Covered

  • NJSpank

    Great picture and wow, what a bottom and panty!

  • fatherjim

    Dear Richard,

    Without a doubt, one spectacular pic for so many reasons. Thanks so much for all you share!

    (Truly wonderful pic!)



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