Windsor Wednesday Classic – 168

Yesterday I did a vanilla training program, put it to work last night and true enough, it worked!! I understand that there are very few of you who are interested in my vanilla exploits, but for those of you who are then I will have a little update at the bottom of this post. And for those of you who have reached out in the last couple of days, I’m fine, seriously. There are points in all of our lives where we all need some professional help and I got my help when I needed it, the road ahead is bright and exciting. In fact on Facebook yesterday I posted a picture of my dad from 1946 on what would have been his 92nd birthday. Even though he has been gone for 21 years now, it was great to have some fun interactions yesterday talking about him and remembering him.

Anyway, you guys aren’t here for that, you are here for some spanking, right?

For the people who are around my age and older, for those of us who grew up long before the days of the Internet, do you remember the things that you used to do whenever you found a spanking item? We would all have our little collections hid away somewhere, all of those newspapers and comics that had a panel in it somewhere, or those references on television which were all too common back then. For me, whenever I found a spanking related article I would always save the whole paper. Something that could be easily explained… “Oh, I want to keep that paper for the Georgie Best article in the sports section” πŸ™‚

Back then there were things that you saw or heard that stuck with you for your entire lifetime, in fact I dare say they shaped us as to who we are now. You’ve read my story hundreds of times and I am like the posted child for spanking memories. Despite my advancing age I think that the spanking memories will be there long after I have forgotten most other things. In fact one that I am thinking of now happened during the initial season of Eastenders back in 1985, and I wonder how many of you Brits remember it?

Angie was stood in the pub hallway (by the stairs) facing the camera and she was talking to Sharon and Michelle who had their backs to us. Angie walks towards the camera, in-between the two girls, and then proceeds to swat them both on the bum as she passes. It was probably the reason that I loved Eastenders so much when it started, always thinking that a repeat performance might happen somewhere along the line. The only other time that I remember one is when Ricky and Bianca stripped to their underwear and ran into the sea, Ricky sneaked a quick swat in during that playful encounter. The last time that I really saw the show was back in the early 90s when Mandy Salter first appeared in the show. Now if there was one girl who ever desperately needed a spanking, lol.

So with that in mind our newspaper clipping for the Wednesday Classic this week goes all the way back to 1940 for a story that was printed in The Philadelphia Inquirer. This is specifically for those of you who, perhaps just like myself, still like to collect vintage spanking references even if they may appear to be out of date. This will be added to my WINDSOR’S SPANKING FINDS album. For the collectors out there this is a truncated version of the copy that I have, if you want the full sized version which is massive, as always, just shoot me an email and I will send you the original.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, yesterday I took a little free online training program for YouTube starters. Even though I have been going for 6 months now I still have only a few subscribers, and unless I plug my own work then my videos don’t even reach ten views. Yesterday the trainer gave out some key tips and as I was uploading yesterday anyway, I took the time to use his his tips on my new video. You know what, it actually worked!! On raw data alone without any links, the video that I uploaded last night already has more views than the previous 4 videos had combined. I mean we are still talking some paltry numbers here, however, for a channel of my size I was delighted with the results of the initial upload. Who says that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

Here is the video that I uploaded last night, just click the link RIGHT HERE to watch it.

3 thoughts on “Windsor Wednesday Classic – 168

  1. On the spanking side I used to hide all the articles cartoons and spanking related items in a shoe box in my closet. So funny to read your comments. So true.
    Checking your vid now.

  2. Your videos are really fun. The quality is amazing and well you just seem to really enjoy what you are doing. Well done.

  3. When I was much younger, Ron, in our house we had a carpet laid down which was on top of linoleum. What I used to do is move my bed, lift the carpet along the side and put any related items underneath the lino πŸ™‚ Practically foolproof. Another thing that I used to do was write in a notepad with my own code that I created. It looked like gobbledygook to anyone reading it, but I knew exactly what it really said πŸ˜‰

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