F/M Friday 43

It always amazes me that the most popular single page on this website is the F/M COLLECTION. The reason that it surprises me is simply because my blog has so little F/M material on it. There is just one SINGLE STORY that features an F/M spanking and this is just the 43rd post in the F/M series. Forty three posts in sixteen years!! Of course I have interviewed some female tops so that probably brings some attention here, and of course I am a big fan of Audio spanking and that tends to have more of a male audience, certainly judging by the interviews that I have done. Even so, it still surprises me immensely that the F/M segment is so popular considering that there are many blogs etc. out there that cater specifically towards that audience.

I guess one of the reasons that could be is of course the fact that I present F/M spanking images that have never been seen before. My rare M/F and F/F spanking pics are continuously raided by other spanking blogs, so that kind of dilutes their value a little bit, though I will say that almost everything that I post I try very hard to make sure that it is a new addition to the spanking world.

Anyway, enough babbling, you’re here for the spanking pic, right?

This should also appeal to the people out there who enjoy outdoor spankings for immediate correction. Now our young lady here hasn’t exactly found a switch but hey, when you are giving a spanking outdoors you work with whatever you have got.