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F/M Friday 57

Can you imagine if the band really was playing “Don’t be Cruel” while the paddling’s were being handed out?

The image is actually from 1960 but it has a distinct 1950s look to it. The paddle itself has seen some wear and tear and it looks like a new coat if varnish is needed.

This will be added to my F/M COLLECTION folder which is by far the most viewed folder on this website.

F/M Friday 55

Now that we are at episode 55 it is funny to look back at how the F/M COLLECTION started. Obviously I collect reams of M/F and F/F pics as those are my personal choices of genres that I enjoy, but every now and then I will come across an F/M find. So one day I said to myself, why not create a folder for those images, I am sure that someone will enjoy them.

Being that I am almost exclusively an M/F and F/F blog, I had no idea that the most popular folder on this site by a country mile would be the F/M COLLECTION folder. There really can be only one of two explanations for it, or perhaps a combination of the two.

In all likelihood the primary reason is that every F/M pic that I post is brand spanking new so to speak, because quite simply no other spanking collector posts them anywhere for people to see. My blog is quite likely the only source for these vintage images. Of course over time the images that I post get repurposed by other spanking sites and end up being a part of the overall “Generic pool of Internet spanking images”, but initially they are found here.

It could also be that because the posts are so infrequent, people specifically seek them out. It is like cable news networks in the USA, if you are left leaning then you have a multitude of news networks to watch, but if you are right leaning then there is only one place to get your news. That’s speaking generically of course, obviously I understand that now there are new outlets of entertainment news for right leaning people.

At the end of the day though the whole purpose is to actually get all images from all genres out there for everyone to enjoy. Not just for our generation but for future generations as well. It used to bother me to no end that certain blogs would poach images from my site by the 100 (and still do) but I eventually got past that. Like I said, the bottom line at the end of the day is to share the images so that the general public can enjoy them. The issues that I always had with this practice were to do with ethics, moral character and courtesy anyway. It was never about the images themselves, just ones moral fiber.

The image this week is of pretty poor quality compared to other images, but what it represents may trigger a thought or two for those of you who like these images, especially if you grew up in the 1950s.

F/M Friday 54

Before I share this week’s pic with you, I just want to share a quick vanilla update. As you all know I have been to Japan twice in recent years and the first time that I went it was for a specific reason. Obviously I enjoyed a nice vacation there, but my primary reason for going was to watch my favorite Japanese singer perform at two shows.

The singer in question is AiNA THE END who performs with the band, BiSH. Now I would have watched her solo if that was the option, but the time that I went she was performing with the band. In fact here is a picture of AiNA from one of the shows that I actually took. Super awesome seats by the way, just 13 rows back from the stage.

So this year the band is breaking up with their final show set for the Tokyo Dome in June. Yes, I would love to go, lol.

AiNA of course has become a big star in Japan and her solo career is already long underway, even while she performs with the group. This week however, her management company issued a statement saying that AiNA had been in an accident and all upcoming shows had been postponed. The only statement that they made was that she suffered a head injury while filming a music video for a solo project.

A week passes and then AiNA releases an update, something that is very rare in Japan as they are super secretive and their privacy is respected. Now while she doesn’t say what happened, she has posted several images of the damage to her body and from what I can observe, it looks like she may have fallen from a significant height based on the damage to her back (albeit superficial wounds). That indicates to me that her fall was broken somewhat, if it was indeed a fall. She also indicated that when she was in the ambulance she wasn’t sure if she was ready to die. Perhaps in hindsight that might not have been the case, but obviously whatever happened was significant enough to cause her to feel that she might die because of it.

A week later she took the very brave step of showing her face after her injury, knowing that she will now carry that scar for the rest of her life. I can only imagine her shock from the blood loss.

My reason for mentioning this, aside from the fact that she is my favorite Japanese singer, has been induced by the outpouring of love that she has received after posting her injuries. From celebrities to news shows to fans, and even by people who have never really listened to her music. It has to be an amazing pick me up for her to receive such love and support.

I was pretty shocked by it, but it is affirmation of something that I have encountered several times in my life so far. You never know what is going to happen tomorrow, in a blink of an eye your whole world can change. Make sure that you acknowledge the people that you love, the last thing that you want to carry with you is acting ugly towards someone and then they are no longer around for you to be able to take it back. Love each other.

I feel that her adversity is going to make her star shine brighter.

Okay, I know that isn’t what you come here for, lol, but at the same time this blog is about my journey and AiNA THE END has a huge impact on my life, she brings a lot of positivity and joy into my life and one day I will return to Japan to watch her perform live as a solo performer.

So, time for some spanking, right? The image this week features a henpecked husband. Quite an interesting use of an oil drum I am sure that you would agree 😉


F/M Friday 53

It has been about six weeks since I last added to the F/M COLLECTION folder. It’s quite funny really when I look at the amount of these types of F/M pics that I still have remaining. It’s mostly because nobody posts them other than me, and blogs that constantly raid the material that I find have no interest in them. Maybe I will find a week where I can unload a whole bunch of them to catch up with the rest of the folders, I must have two or three hundred pics just like this one.

Anyway, for those of you who like these types of spanking pics, and remember the F/M collection page is the most visited page on this blog, so I know that there are a lot of you out there.

Edit, I had to change the picture, I didn’t realize that I posted it 3 years ago but forgot to move the image to my ‘Images posted’ folder on my PC. So here is the new one which is also a paddling pic.

F/M Friday 51

One of the comments this week reminded me of the desire that I have had in the past to write a story featuring a community playhouse production of a play that features a spanking scene. In my mind I am setting the story in the 1950s and it would revolve around the main character finding ways to rehearse the spanking scene. Of course I would have to decide which play to choose, or perhaps I could take a film that includes spanking and write that as a community play instead. You know, something like Blue Hawaii 😉

Also this week I received a request to swap links, something that hasn’t been requested of me in a long time. As I am always happy to swap links with a fellow spanking blogger, here is the new link to ROSIE REARS SPANKING COMICS.

The F/M spanking image this week that will be added to the F/M COLLECTION folder features a happy couple having some spanking good fun.

F/M Friday 50

I’m a day late and a dollar short, as always, lol. Never mind though, even though it is Saturday here is the weekly picture for the F/M COLLECTION folder. This is number 50 in the series as well, who would have ever thought that I would have an F/M series, and not only that but it is the most viewed folder on this website by a long shot.

This time it is the old wooden spoon in action, a spanking tool to be feared which can be found in every household. The wooden spoon that I got from CANE-IAC is one of my favorite toys ever, in fact I might get a couple more before the website closes shop for good. The wooden spoon that they sell is one of the meanest items on the market, sure to make anyone on the receiving end squirm like an electric eel, highly worth purchasing.

CANE-IAC is closing up shop soon so I will do a feature on them in the very near future, and if you look at the wooden spoon that I linked and think “It doesn’t seem so bad” just trust me on this one, it is very solid and it stings like a son of a bitch 🙂 It is well worth the price!!

F/M Friday 49

This week I am cheating a bit as the F/M Friday pic is actually an M/M pic. In fact, as I am going there then why not post two pics? Obviously I understand that the majority of my readers prefer M/F and F/F spanking pics, but everyone is welcome here.

The reason for the first pic is pretty obvious, it is a 1950s hairbrush spanking and it is as clear as day by the motion of the brush that the spanking is actually taking place. The reason that I find it interesting is the briefcase on the floor behind them both. Could this be the veritable Fuller Brush man demonstrating his wares? Many writers get their inspiration for a spanking story from a single image, I wonder if this image will inspire a writer or trigger some imaginations somewhere? Or maybe it will provide inspiration for a spanking video producer to do a hairbrush salesman video.

Of course the briefcase could also signify the “Wait until your Father gets home” moment 🙂

Did you know, in my archives I actually have a story that I wrote about 25 years ago. It is a story about the Fuller Brush woman in the 1950s who has to get very creative to make her commission, and she makes that commission by putting her own butt on the line to guarantee a sale. Obviously it would need a complete reworking as my writing style is a hundred times better nowadays, but maybe this image will even inspire me to work on that old story. Click on the image for the full size version.

The second M/M image is one that I have sat on for a while now.

Maybe the Brits can enlighten me here as I no longer know if the following still holds true to this day. I left England in 1987 when I was 24 years old and while I try and keep up with old Blighty as much as I can, obvious there is an awful lot that I miss out on.

When I was growing up in the 1970s and 1980s it was as common as muck for there to be fancy dress parties, and more often than not the theme of these parties was Back to School/St. Trinians.

Do St. Trinians events still take place in the UK? When I lived in England it was very common for the more adventurous male party goers to cross dress and wear a St. Trinians outfit. And I mean like the whole works complete with stockings etc. Then of course there was always at least one, though sometimes several headmaster and headmistress outfits, each of whom carried a cane of some description.

Obviously I understand the timeframes nowadays may be so different that it isn’t a part of British culture anymore outside of fetish events. In the late 1970s/early 1980s the cane was in the final stages of being eliminated in the UK. It was outlawed in 1986 but the practice had virtually disappeared by the time the 1980s had come around anyway.

With that said though, obviously caning was still a part of British pop culture well beyond that, even if the practice itself no longer took place. I wonder if in 2022 the cane is no longer a part of British culture? Whether it is an archaic reference similar to a rotary dialed phone or a cassette player?

Anyway, that was some background info for you as to what you are seeing in the picture below. Both males and females dressing as a St. Trinians schoolgirl was very common 40-45 years ago.

F/M Friday 48

Here is a spanking implement that you don’t see too often, a laundry paddle/washing bat!! There is one mainstream movie that I remember watching where the laundry paddle was used as a spanking implement, which involved two women having a fight and then one of them using the paddle to spank with before clocking her opponent over the head with it. I forget the name of it but I am sure some of you out there remember it.

While we are looking at a 3 on 1 spanking here, there are a few things wrong with what we are seeing. Firstly of course is the OTK position. I mean seriously, that barely even qualifies as OTK, lol. It does look like the lady holding the paddle though can get some good torque going with her swing 🙂

This will be added to my F/M COLLECTION spanking folder.

F/M Friday 47

Today marks ten days in a row that I have posted something new, and Friday’s of course is the day where the guys get paddled, quite literally in this case. I was actually going to post something that I found yesterday, but that new picture will take a little extra historical background before I share it. Basically I was trying to find further ST. TRINIAN’S spanking pics like the one that I posted yesterday, and I did indeed find one, but in this case it was a guy wearing the St. Trinian’s outfit. In fact while there are girls in the picture, it is actually an M/M spanking pic. I will save that image until next week though, because it does require some historical background information that I can share with my non UK audience readers. Don’t worry, I’m not going to write something 182 pages long, but I do want to impart onto my readers just how regular an occurrence this type of activity was back in the 1970s/80s, especially on fancy dress night.

One final thing, my newspaper subscription is about to run out and I won’t be renewing it just yet. The subscription costs $75 for six months, which obviously is quite pricy, but I need to justify another purchase so the newspaper subscription is going to partially fund that. I will renew the newspaper subscription within the next year or so.

Basically I need the money to spend on a genealogy website that is going to cost $170 or thereabouts for a six month subscription. I’ve already had a preview of it and on a different site I was able to build my family tree back 9 generations, so I have an excellent start to this process. The new site that I am going to pay for though was able to give me a preview, and not only does it appear to be better but they also have scanned copies of my ancestor’s military records, something that I would love to have and I don’t mind paying $170 for. It will even have my Father’s record, though I already have his D-Mob card in my possession. The preview record that I have for my Father is in the WWII service database. Now while he never served in WWII, the records are actually from 1939-1948 because some of the post war period is included as WWII activity. I’m aware that my Father was in the home guard in 1945 when he was 17, and then his active service was from 1946-1948. I would love to find a record of his home guard service. I was also able to see a tiny copy of my Grandfather’s WWI service record. Anyway, like I said, this is something that is very important to me.

To fund the event I am saving the $75 from my newspaper subscription (so I need to raid as much spanking material as I can in the next week) and I also cancelled my Amazon Prime membership which is just over $16 a month. So all told the cost of the genealogy website is going to be negated by my cancellation of the two other services. Responsible money handling 😉

Okay, enough waffling. You guys aren’t here to hear me run my mouth, are you? You want spanking pics and plenty of them.

The image this week will be added to my F/M COLLECTION folder and it features a football player being paddled by his coach, who just so happens to be his cousin Lucille 🙂