F/M Friday 60

“No running in the halls” screamed the hall monitor as she swung her paddle at a passing butt, albeit with a huge playful smile on her face.

Less than a handful of days left now in my 50s, on Tuesday I turn the big 6-0. All 20 birthday posts have already been made and scheduled to run until June the 11th, including a set of three F/M OTK pics next Friday for those of you who come here specifically for the weekly F/M COLLECTION series.

I haven’t made a post for Monday yet, but I will certainly get one up the day before the birthday series begins to say goodbye to the 50s.

2 thoughts on “F/M Friday 60

  1. Glenmore,

    Thanks!! Tuesday is going to be a special day for sure ๐Ÿ™‚


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