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Ten The Sassy P.A (Video)

Hey guys, here is my latest offering over on clips4sale and spanking library, a video that I shot with Ten at the FMS party where she plays Ten the sassy P.A to yours truly. In this video Ten gets two over the knee spankings which includes a session with my new favorite hairbrush 🙂


The Amber Grey Trailer

Before I post part two to Missy’s story, here is my latest video that is on clips4sale and spanking library. Awesome if you like to see a squirmy little schoolgirl getting spanked 🙂 The 25 minute video is $19.99 and you will find Amber Grey to be the cutest naughty schoolgirl wearing white nylon panties. In a couple of months I will be selling DVD’s as well.

The Wheels Are Turning

It’s amazing what a few days off from the spanking world can do for you.

It has been pretty clear to see that over the last few weeks I have helped my friends get kick started with their online clips. You cannot imagine the joy I felt when I saw that after the initial two weeks, the Videos group currently stands as the number 3 top studio behind Firmhand and Shadowlane in the spanking category on clips4sale.

So this actually got me thinking. Based on the numbers of visitors that my series of websites attain, the idea came to me to create a new site solely to promote individual producers of spanking content on clips4sale. There are questions with that though, the main one being how could I possibly keep up with it all. Each producer would have their own method for their content, and whilst I would expect most people to be very humble and flattered that I would promote them for free, there of course would be the other side of the penny where there would be greedy, demanding people who would try to dictate how I did things, dictating of course to the point that they benefit the most.

The thing is though, I love to help people. There is a great joy being able to use one’s resources for the benefit of others. Clips4sale has no referral program so there would be no financial benefit for me in doing this, just a kindness to help others. Now of course I could work in some extra perks for myself like putting my own clips4sale banner at the top of the site, as well as putting my affiliate programs down the side. There is so much great material out there that many people are not aware of that I would love to aid the spankos out there who are trying to market their art.

I’m probably going to go ahead with the idea, between all of my sites I get over 3,000 visitors a day combined, so I am sure nobody would mind the extra traffic. Now then, of course there would need to be rules, something that perhaps my readers here could offer some suggestions with. I have a few ideas and I am going to list what I have come up with first.

First of all I would need to compose a ‘Rules’ email so that everyone is on the same page. Something simple like every studio HAS to email me their updates to promote, I won’t be chasing down anyone for their updates. Each update can contain a link to an online video trailer, 4 pics, video description and banner. The biggest problem however will be keeping up with everything so this is what I thought of to combat that. The site would be updated on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with each producer being assigned one of those days, so if they posted 3 clips that week then all three would be posted on Monday as an example. That way would maintain some fairness and address my fear above that a few people may try to dominate the site with hourly updates, and demands of high listings, better banner placement etc etc. My goal in this would be for the benefit of ALL producers to get a fair share of the pie.

Like I said, the benefits to me would be very minimal, other than of course being able to promote my own clips, but let’s be honest here, I can promote my own clips anytime that I want on my own sites without having to share. That isn’t in my nature though, I think there is a great market out there for producers and I would love to kick start some of them. Remember, most of these folks have no resources to promote their material. I guess the one benefit that I could create for myself would be to use the weekends for my own purpose. If I am giving three days a week to promote everyone else, perhaps I can use Saturday and Sunday for my own promotional purposes.

Does anyone have any thoughts and ideas regarding this? I would love to hear them if you do. My biggest fear is greed as once again this would be something that I would be doing to benefit the community as a whole, and there is nothing worse than being disrespected when you are using your kindness to benefit someone else. Trust me, I have been down the road of doing something nice for others in the community only to get slapped in the face, HARD!!! There is clearly a purpose though that a ton of these smaller, independent producers could really benefit from some free promotion, and there really is little that is more satisfying than knowing you are helping others along with a little nudge.

Okay, that is out of the way. My latest video has been added to clips4sale so please feel free to check it out. I know these videos have been out there for a year already, but it is only now that I can start to cash in a little bit on them. The latest video is Sarah – Snack Bar Blues where I spank Sarah Gregory in her nightie, panties and bare bottom. 14 minutes of male spanks female over the knee action 🙂

New For 2011

My plan to launch my own line of spanking videos is finally underway. There were some glitches along the way, and I am seriously out of pocket right now, lol, but I am ready to get this project underway. Now I’m not looking to make any money out of this, but if I can make back what I pay the models then I will be delighted to produce my own work.

Most of the videos that I currently have I shot with Sarah Gregory though I also have the ones that I shot with Amber Grey. This Spring I have some great shoots planned including one that I am really excited about. Again, I will be paying a model to do the shoot with me, and if I can recover that money then I am going to be over the moon being able to shoot a video the way that I want to shoot one. Of course I will do more as the year goes on. My store can be found right here

Now I have half a dozen videos up already, including this video that I have for you in the way of a trailer. Underneath the video there are a bunch of screencaps for you. My mind of course is racing with ideas, I wonder if there is a naughty girl somewhere who owns a ‘Dorothy’ outfit who would like to do a fun video with me, hmmm?