Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 2

As you can tell from a lack of posting on my various sites, I’m afraid that real life has caught up to me a little lately. We are going through a major restructuring at work and I am spending far too much time there, lol. At the end of October I will find out whether or not I am one of the ones who gets laid off, though I am cautiously optimistic, because the truth of the matter is, the more people who leave then the busier I am as I do all of the back end work. The only danger that I have is that the remnants of our company is bought out and then who knows what will happen.

So the point is this, if a major change does happen then it may also change my ability to go to parties. With that in mind I decided to commit this week to attending the Crimson Moon party in Chicago at the end of October. I last went there two years ago so I desperately need to show my face again. There would be many reasons for going, but VERY high on the list is be to see my friend NAUGHTY FRECKLES again, who happens to be one of the nicest people you could meet in the spanking scene.

When the soccer was on yesterday I had a look at the yearly stats to get an early idea of the top ten posts of the year so far. As I stated a few months ago, there is a runaway winner which was unlikely to be caught. The post was THE SATURDAY SPANKING SHOW and it was so far ahead in terms of views (50% more than the post in second place) that it was a foregone conclusion that it would be the most popular post of the year. Hold your horses though, there is one post this month that QUICKLY became the second most popular of the year within days. Now it is still 50% behind the Saturday post, but it is current and trending and may well catch up by the end of the year, we shall wait and see.

I’m also going to do a top 5 Men Are Like Streetcars post at the end of the year for that subject alone. Not a single one of the streetcars pics came anywhere close to the top 10 posts of the year, and it was for a simple reason, not a single one of the 21 Streetcars pics that I shared was linked back anywhere on the Internet. Not once, despite their popularity in being re-posted everywhere, I received not a single link back for any of them from anybody. That of course probably explains why you are now getting Sunday Candids instead, lol.

I’m sure that I will pick back up posting the stage pics at some point, but for now I’m still a little hot about it. Having paid all the money that I did to secure them for your enjoyment, not to mention the endless hours that I spent searching for them, my enjoyment in turn was taken away. I have a plan for when I do restart though, it was once stated that somebody refused to link to me because I put my names on pics that I paid for, well, I’m not getting respect for them either way, so the name is going back on them 🙂 The bottom line is that I have literally hundreds of rare pics that I have discovered and it is my duty to share them with you, and one can only hope for a little respect in return.

This weeks Spanking classic is from 1971 and it is a birthday spanking with a paddle. I just love the short dresses and only wished in my wildest dreams that they would be raised. If you use your imagination enough, doesn’t it look like the girl in the background has just been spanked herself as well? 🙂


Northland Ohio 71 birthday-

4 comments to Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 2

  • Hi Richard…I’m sorry that you have not received back any “links”for your Men Are Like Streetcars posts. As a sometime writer myself,I know how frustrating it can be when nobody responds to your messages.

    But don’t think we aren’t enjoying seeing these pics. Like most of us,I am frustrated over the fact that spanking scenes of females “getting it”are not as plentiful as they used to be. Guess Women’s Lib scared writers and producers into putting such scenes on the DL,and only in the last couple of decades have spankos like us begun to fight back. That’s one of the things that make this treasure trove of “Streetcars”pictures so tantalizing. Yes,I do remember when we could see pictures like these in the movies,on the stage,and in magazines. It’s great that you are doing such an astounding job of reviving interest in these lovely scenes.


  • Maria White

    It doesn’t require much imagination at all;in contrast to the other girls,the girl in the polkadot dress seems to be wearing a grimage instead of a grin. That’s why I wonder whether this is a birthday spanking at all,but rather some sort of club initiation. Do you have any definitive information on its background?

  • otkdesire

    I love how the audience is eagerly waiting the next swat! Every eye is focused on the booty. 🙂

  • NJSpank

    I love the pic,thanks.

    Hey good luck with the vanilla world,been there and done that and the unknown is the worst part sir but hope all works out.

    Like your Money Ball look at your blog but not sure what to say,I get on when I can and always try to thank you for the amazing stuff you post. Just my life sir but you are the best.

    Thank you always and regards

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