Saturday Spanking Picture Show

Are you likely to find anything new here today? The answer is no,  all of the pictures shown here today have been posted in one form or another either on this blog or on other spanking blogs over the years. What I do present to you though are new copies of these already known spanking images.

Like any collector out there I spend a lot of time researching spanking images and many times I am fortunate enough to find improved copies of known spanking photos,  or alternate presentations of said photos. What you need to do to get the full version of each picture is to click them individually and they will open up to their full size,  you can then download them for your personal pleasure. Like I said,  none of them are new finds other than the fact that they are different versions of known spanking photos. Some of which as you will see are very clear in their definition.

These will all be added to my WINDSOR’S STAGE SPANKINGS album where I collect all mainstream spanking finds that I discover.

First up we have Walter Abel spanking Shirley Temple in the lobby card for the movie Kiss and Tell. There was no spanking in the film. This is a new and improved copy of a photo already out there. Click THIS LINK for other images that I have previously shared of this spanking pose along with various articles. Click on the image for the full sized version.

Another updated spanking image,  this one of Susanna Foster getting a spanking in the lobby card for A Hard Boiled Canary.

George Murphy spanking Gloria De Haven in a promotional photo for Broadway Rhythm.

An Argentinian movie magazine cover featuring Elvis spanking Jenny Maxwell in Blue Hawaii.

Walter Pidgeon spanking Rita Johnson in Stronger Than Desire.

And finally,  a spanking scene that I love in the movie itself. Robert Benchley warns his daughters that he will spank them if they don’t stop interfering,  with both girls replying  “Yes Papa”. Within seconds Ann Gillis is leaning out of her bedroom window gossiping to the men below. Her father comes in and without saying anything he heads to Ann who is already stating  “I’m sorry,  Papa,  I didn’t mean to”  in lieu of the spanking that she knows is about to be delivered. One of the oldest PAJAMA SPANKINGS that you will find.

I think what I like about it is that the window is not closed,  therefore the guys that she was gossiping to probably all heard the subsequent spanking  🙂

All Of Me

Just another part of me trying to relieve some of my spanking material onto you all.

This isn’t a new addition to the spanking world,  though some of the images might be a slight variation of what has been seen so far. I’m pretty sure that when I originally posted this years ago it became one of the countless contributions that I made to the Chross’ database.

This isn’t one of the all time great spanking scenes,  but there is a little story to it. I was working in the UK in 1981 and an incident happened where it was one of the women’s birthday’s with whom I worked with. She was around 40 at the time and her colleagues chipped in to get her a present. When she opened it the present consisted of a white camisole and white french knickers. I can only hope that my eyes didn’t bulge out of my head when she opened it as I imagined her wearing it  🙂

So fast forward just a couple of years and the movie,  All Of Me,  came out. While the spanking isn’t a classic by any means,  the only thing that I could think of at the time was the colleague who I still worked with when the movie came out. The reason obviously being that the camisole and french knickers that Victoria Tennant wore was virtually identical to  the one that I knew my work colleague owned an exact set of. Being that the women was also on the posh side it was very easy to replace Victoria Tennant with her in ones imagination. It was an image that was long lasting on me and even to this day I can picture her.

Anyway,  here is the spanking clip for you,  and below that is a set of various images from the scene that I have collected over the years. I’m also not the biggest Steve Martin fan,  but for some reason I thought that he was hysterical in this film.

Edge Of Night Anniversary Spanking

Today over on Twitter I saw that the name Lori Loughlin was trending over a college admissions scandal and the name rang a bell,  so I did a quick search of my archives and true enough there was a reason that the name rang a bell,  I had a newspaper cutting of her getting a spanking from Joel Crothers at the Edge Of Night 26th anniversary party. This was one of those items that I kicked myself over,  I had saved a poor image from Ebay with the full intention of winning the auction,  but by the time that I remembered the auction I was too late,  I had missed out. Eventually I will get a copy of this,  but for now this is all I have,  a poor image of Lori Loughlin getting spanked 26 times. However,  it is better than nothing,  right?

At The Movies

It just goes to show,  when you think that everything has been discovered,  something new pops up.

Last night I popped over to EBay as I usually do to see who was selling what,  and I found a spanking scene from a movie that I had not seen mentioned before,  and even better there is a picture to go along with it. Now in the interest of sharing the love,  here is the link to the image being sold. You never know,  by sharing the love we might help the person get a sale. Plus it is always the respectful thing to do.

So the movie is from 1926 and is called Der Provinzonkel. IMDB lists the film as a silent film from Germany. The spankee’s name as you can see from the link is Lotte Lorring,  but it doesn’t mention who the guy using the carpet beater is. So I spent some time looking at the other performers in the film and I am pretty sure that the spanker is Fritz Kampers.

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S STAGE SPANKINGS photo album. Virtually everything in this folder are finds that I made that I believe had not been seen on a spanking blog prior to my posting them,  so there is some pretty good spanking finds in there. Click the photo for the full sized version.



Still kicking myself after missing out on an Ebay find this week,  I just missed the auction by five minutes. This would have been one of my purchased gifts for you all,  but all I am left with is a very small screen shot. Oh well,  it is bound to turn up again. This is Joel Crothers spanking Lori Loughlin 26 times at the anniversary party for the soap opera,  Edge Of Night.


Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 2

As you can tell from a lack of posting on my various sites,  I’m afraid that real life has caught up to me a little lately. We are going through a major restructuring at work and I am spending far too much time there,  lol. At the end of October I will find out whether or not I am one of the ones who gets laid off,  though I am cautiously optimistic,  because the truth of the matter is,  the more people who leave then the busier I am as I do all of the back end work. The only danger that I have is that the remnants of our company is bought out and then who knows what will happen.

So the point is this,  if a major change does happen then it may also change my ability to go to parties. With that in mind I decided to commit this week to attending the Crimson Moon party in Chicago at the end of October. I last went there two years ago so I desperately need to show my face again. There would be many reasons for going,  but VERY high on the list is be to see my friend NAUGHTY FRECKLES again,  who happens to be one of the nicest people you could meet in the spanking scene.

When the soccer was on yesterday I had a look at the yearly stats to get an early idea of the top ten posts of the year so far. As I stated a few months ago,  there is a runaway winner which was unlikely to be caught. The post was THE SATURDAY SPANKING SHOW and it was so far ahead in terms of views (50% more than the post in second place) that it was a foregone conclusion that it would be the most popular post of the year. Hold your horses though,  there is one post this month that QUICKLY became the second most popular of the year within days. Now it is still 50% behind the Saturday post,  but it is current and trending and may well catch up by the end of the year,  we shall wait and see.

I’m also going to do a top 5 Men Are Like Streetcars post at the end of the year for that subject alone. Not a single one of the streetcars pics came anywhere close to the top 10 posts of the year,  and it was for a simple reason,  not a single one of the 21 Streetcars pics that I shared was linked back anywhere on the Internet. Not once,  despite their popularity in being re-posted everywhere,  I received not a single link back for any of them from anybody. That of course probably explains why you are now getting Sunday Candids instead,  lol.

I’m sure that I will pick back up posting the stage pics at some point,  but for now I’m still a little hot about it. Having paid all the money that I did to secure them for your enjoyment,  not to mention the endless hours that I spent searching for them,  my enjoyment in turn was taken away. I have a plan for when I do restart though,  it was once stated that somebody refused to link to me because I put my names on pics that I paid for,  well,  I’m not getting respect for them either way,  so the name is going back on them 🙂 The bottom line is that I have literally hundreds of rare pics that I have discovered and it is my duty to share them with you,  and one can only hope for a little respect in return.

This weeks Spanking classic is from 1971 and it is a birthday spanking with a paddle. I just love the short dresses and only wished in my wildest dreams that they would be raised. If you use your imagination enough,  doesn’t it look like the girl in the background has just been spanked herself as well? 🙂


Northland Ohio 71 birthday-

Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 1

As you can no doubt see,  I have shifted focus a bit for my Sunday post. Now I still have about 80 Men Are Like Streetcars pics that I have yet to post,  and perhaps one day I will pick up where I left off with Streetcars 21. For now though,  I am creating a new feature as I have a bucket load of candid spanking pics that I would like to share as well.

For the time being I am reserving my stage spanking pics to the private trades that I am doing with fellow collectors,  though I will probably pick it up again down the road. I’m sure at some point that I will alternate between stage spankings and candid spanking pics. It is a little unfortunate but there you go. Thankfully I have hundreds upon hundreds of rare finds covering a wide variety of topics.

The new folder is called WINDSOR’S SUNDAY CANDIDS and I will be moving some of the pics from the Birthday Spankings folder over to this new folder where they rightly belong. This first candid is a paddling pic from Jefferson in 1972.

jefferson 72


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