Windsor Wednesday Classic –26

I’m going to cheat a little bit today and put up a picture that isn’t very clear. The reason for this is that I am going to have so much to post this week following the party that this one will get overlooked almost immediately. Just wait until you see the pics of ellee in her schoolgirl outfit!!

So today’s Wednesday classic is yet again from “Men are like streetcars”and this spanking pic is from 1951.

Bob Lorenz . . . Beverly Allart 1951


2 comments to Windsor Wednesday Classic –26

  • Sweetspot

    Don’t underestimate the power of this remarkable photo. If you hadn’t associated it with a stage production I think I would have been left with the impression that I was setting on the opposite side of the livingroom from a spanking taking place in an early 1950’s household.

  • NJSpank

    I love this pic,thanks. Also saw a shot of Erica over your lap and you warming her beautiful panty! Nice.

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