Soon To Board A Flight

The party is over and in a couple of hours I will be boarding a flight home. I can’t tell you how much fun I had at this party, handing out more spankings this one weekend than I have in some whole years. There will be plenty of party reports as I jotted down a lot of notes so that I didn’t forget anything. Now I have perhaps a 100 or more pictures, but I will need permission from the participants first before I can post any of them. Alex has given the go ahead, as has Sarah, Lostkitten, Ten and Cali. I will just need to await word from Beth Eisley, Erica and ellee as to what we can and cannot post.

I’m afraid that I was a bit mean at this party, a lot of the spankings were of the naughty girl variety. In fact one of the lines of the weekend came from Missy who I haven’t played with for a year. When we talked post strapping I told her that I had developed a mean streak and she concurred “Yeah,what’s up with that. I want a refund”

On Sunday I only played twice, but they were the hard spankings that I had saved for that day. Alex Reynolds was punished, and while it was only 12 strokes of the cane, I made her as nervous as I could, acting stern for the entire morning, giving her a note as to what she needed to do and then having her go to her room and wait in the corner until I arrived. Later that day ellee received probably the sternest otk paddling that I have given to date. On Saturday I had given her a really good hand spanking and this time I gave her a 5 minute otk session with the cracker barrel paddle.

Anyway, I must run, there will be full reports to come and the two spankings that I gave on Sunday will each have a full story attached to them. Here is a pic of Calicutie and I during an otk session where she is wearing her drop seat jeans 🙂



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