Windsor Wednesday Classic – 238

Trying to squeeze this in while I can so I won’t have much to say. I’ve currently got my laundry going at the laundromat and then I have to pop next door to wash and dress the old boy so that he can have some dignity each day, then it’s off to work. I don’t even have a vanilla video prepared for my Youtube either. Dang, life needs to slow down a little, I’m sweating already and the day hasn’t even started yet 🙂

Enjoy this spanking cartoon from 1971.

5 thoughts on “Windsor Wednesday Classic – 238

  1. I have always enjoyed this one as there are so many different relationships that can be done with this one (my favorite is dad spanking daughter for coming in late for curfew), but any spanking scene can be played (wife,secretary,etc) great find I am glad you had time to share it and do all the other things you did.Have a great day.

  2. Jim,

    I am guessing then that it is not a new image!! However, I do agree with you and it is always fun to think of ones own story to fit the narrative of the image being shown. In fact I find that fun with most ordinary spanking images.


  3. Yes,the first time I saw it was in the early seventies as you can see by the length of her dress and her choice of jewelry and even his haircut,but it is always fun to write your own narration of a spanking pic even if it had the story already written.Thanks for all you research and share.Have a Great day.

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