Uniformed Spankers on Remembrance Day.

I will pick up on the writing for my next post. but I also know that I have readers who love the pics I post. So to honor our servicemen and women today, I bring you a collection of Spankers dressed in their military fatigues, though don’t ask me to tell you the battles πŸ™‚

I’ll bet you a dime to a dollar that you haven’t seen this pic before!! Lou Costello giving a tentative swat.

Here is one of the oldest spanking pictures known to exist. Anyone fancy taking a stab at where the sailor is from?

Gary Crosby and Carol Lynley from “Holiday for Lovers”

I’m not sure if this guy has on a military uniform or not!! Anyone know?

This is one strong sailor. Look, she is completely off the ground!!

And this sailor has a little stowaway to deal with πŸ˜‰

I know nothing about this one. The guy might even be a cop πŸ™‚

The cold war is back on chaps.

Now as I stated last week, I will give you all a run down on the SPANKING UNIVERSE and how it is performing for people each week. The site has really started to take off and here are this weeks top ten list. The ten sites receiving the most hits FROM the Spanking Universe this week were:

  1. http://myblogstany.blogspot.com
  2. http://auntyagony.net/index.htm
  3. http://doonstartwo.blogspot.com
  4. http://freshlyspanked.blogspot.com
  5. http://spankingfettish.blogspot.com
  6. http://marqe.blogspot.com
  7. http://spankinggallerys.blogspot.com
  8. http://yeowchspanking.blogspot.com
  9. http://isabelle-183.blogspot.com

And the top tenΒ websites SENDING traffic to the Spanking Universe were:

  1. Direct Traffic
  2. Google

6 comments to Uniformed Spankers on Remembrance Day.

  • Thanks for sharing the pics. Men in uniform are very close to my heart.

  • tim

    Richard the one with lou costello spanking could be from lost in a harem .great pics glad spanking universe is going well best wishes,tim .

  • You owe me a dime (at least).

    I’ll check out the Harem hint, of course.
    Any more information on the fourth pic?
    The last one is very fmailiar, but I can’t put a name on it.


    PS: I’m going to post the Mexican clip soon to add to this post

  • great to see my blog {MarQ’s study’ in both lists !! thanks Richard for all your efforts !!


  • jean

    Thanks for the pictures. I checked out Spanking Universe. You’ve done an awesome job.

  • jim

    Thank for sharing these great finds i remember something about that harem one, but i also seem to remember it in their Abbott and Costello meet the mummy and the girl he was about to swat was a woman that had been a cat and he was going to pet it when she turned into the girl. These are great finds. Mexican Bombshell’s blessed event with lupe velez was such a disappointment as she did have such a spankable bottom and the still from Saddle tramp with Elizabeth Patterson that was one where her charactor certainly deserved one, but there was never the spanks anywhere in the movie. Shame.


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