Windsor Wednesday Classic – 139

This past week I kind of restricted my time online. The world is becoming so toxic with hate that there are times where I just shut myself off and watch nature or travel programs and live on my own little fantasy island  🙂  It is a world free of emotional manipulation.

Since I last posted I received ONE MORE QUESTION,  so tomorrow I will post my replies to all five questions that came in. I will admit that when question number 5 came in it could have been written by myself because it is so up my alley,  so it is an easy one to answer. If you have a question for me then please feel free to click on the highlighted text,  I’m always happy to answer them. It’s always better to ask a question than to make an assumption.

The Wednesday classic this week was found on Ebay. There was no date on the photo but clearly,  based on the car and the clothes worn,  it is from the 1940’s. This will be added to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS album.

One thought on “Windsor Wednesday Classic – 139

  1. I am going to break tradition and instead of a comment i am going to ask a question. Since you do so much in the scene(writer;researcher;blog poster; buisnessman; actor;interviewer; party antendee and invitee) which is your favorite hat to wear as it were? Great find my the way i always enjoy playful spankings where the spankee is smiling while getting spanked. Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

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