Windsor Wednesday Classic – 176

So how is everyone holding up during this pandemic? As you are all probably aware already, I live in New York City so we are all pretty much under lock and key being that New York City is the epicenter for Covid-19. Obviously I am adhering to the lockdown but I am dying to go outside and start filming again. Right now my day consists of popping to the shop each morning, a 15 minute walk and then the rest of the day is spent video editing.

I also heard the unfortunate news that an acquaintance of mine in the UK, someone who I would speak with and have met in the USA a couple of times, committed suicide this past week. That’s two people I knew in the last year who have taken their own lives. The poor lad was just a bit younger than me and in the recent past he had suffered some family losses of his own. Just remember folks, what is said can never be unsaid, and what is done can never be undone. Be kind to each other, you never know what someone is dealing with and how they are handling it.

Our spanking photo this week is one of only three that I have from the play “BILLY’S GOAT”, and this is the first one that I am posting. I will add this photo to my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS folder where you can find my vast collection of spankings from a variety of different plays.

Now I did have to use my editing program to try and lighten the image because it was in bad shape, but thankfully I have been spending the last few months video editing anyway so I am quite used to it πŸ™‚ All I can think of in this image is how great the positions are, save for the fact that the guy is spanking across the body!! Just imagine how good it would be if he was using his left hand or if her body was flipped north to south. I mean the image still has some legs, it does in fact look like he has some good range of motion and she is perfectly positioned across his knee, but I can’t help but wonder what could have been.

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