Windsor Wednesday Classic – 102

So it’s Thursday,  sue me 🙂

I’m trying hard to keep posting here as much as I can,  it’s just that during the week I seem to find myself working longer and longer. Not to worry though,  I always get back here when I can.

Before I post my offerings for today  (Yes,  you get a double dip as I have missed a few days)  I wanted to point something out that happened today. One of my tasks today was to set up the fax machine,  and while doing it I happened to notice the date,  June the 9th. That happened to be the day that my father passed away back in 1999.

So a nice quick story for you.

The week that my father died I booked a flight with Virgin and was able to get a bereavement discount. If you don’t know and you ever have a close family member pass away,  you are going to have to get a last minute flight at a stupid price. Such a thing as a bereavement discount exists to take away some of the sting,  you just have to provide a death certificate. Anyway,  I don’t need to tell you how much it would suck to take an eight hour flight to bury a parent,  but let me also tell you this,  there are some inherently kind people out there.

“Mr. (Not Windsor,  lol),  we’ve upgraded you,  if you need anything just let us know and we are sorry for your loss”

Alright,  so it is seventeen years ago and I don’t remember it word for word,  but that was about as close to what was actually said that I can remember.

The same thing happened when my brother died. Four days afterwards,  when my mind was all over the place,  I was attending the out of State wedding of my friends,  and I also remember a kind stranger who didn’t know me from Adam sitting down and initiating a conversation with me about my brother. Made more remarkable by a vast philosophical difference between us,  which just made me respect him more.

Good people do exist,  the world isn’t all hate and ugliness!!

Right,  now that the positive vibes are out of the way,  it’s spanking time. My two offerings today are both from mainstream movies. Both of the pictures I found on non spanking related websites,  though for these two  (especially the second one)  the pics are likely to have been out there before. However,  the first one may well be a new offering that I found on Ebay in 2011 believe it or not.

So the first pic is Don Castle spanking Gale Storm in the film  “Stampede”  back in 1949. The second pic features Robert Clarke spanking Estelita Rodriquez in  “The Fabulous Senorita” in 1952. The second pic has definitely been posted before,  but this version is a lobby card version which I have yet to see. I checked the properties and this one I found in 2013  🙂

Both pics will be added to my WINDSOR’S STAGE SPANKINGS album.


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