Streetcar Sundays – 61

Because of my current work schedule there was a thought that crossed my mind today, and that was, how many times do you state that you are busy with work? I’m going to guess that it is a lot because obviously it is the case that I am working long and crazy hours and I want to let you all know that I am not neglecting the blog. Going forward though, I am going to try my hardest not to even mention it, I’m pretty sure that everyone knows it by now and one day I will be back to posting as regularly as I once did.

The reason I mention it today though was that yesterday I finally found some time to do a deep search of spanking pics. Now as I have stated before, my searches are NOT searching other spanking websites. I’m not knocking that practice, it just isn’t how I operate. My goal is to search mainstream locations, libraries, archives etc, to find you material that you might not have seen before. Basically it is my contribution to the spanking world and is what I hope is a unique approach to presenting spanking material. Many times what I find for you is posted on other websites the very next day so obviously they are enjoyed. I do think like Harry over at MAINSTREAM SPANKING though in that if you find something, common courtesy should be for other sites to allow you a grace period to present the fruits of your labor before claiming it.

Anyway, while I binged on the Euro 2016 championships, I searched and searched for new pics and what was the sum total of about three hours searching? One fricken’ pic, lol. Seriously, that was it, one pic from Men Are Like Streetcars.

That’s the way it goes sometimes though, and at least for you guys you can get to appreciate the fruits of my labor today as I present the pic that I found yesterday. The pic is from Abernathy, Texas in 1958 and while the hand is nicely placed for the spanking, what’s up with shoving her face into the couch 😉

This will be added to my MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS folder where you will find the other 60 pics from this series.

abernathy tx 58

2 comments to Streetcar Sundays – 61

  • NJSpank

    Friend I am so swamped with work I am out of my mind I guess it is life but love your tweet today.

  • I appreciate the work you do,Richard,in bringing new and original spanking material (primarily photographs) to the attention of the spanko world. There are very few of us who do this,and probably no one who does it as almost exclusively as you do. I myself have brought a lot of comic-book/strip &cartoon spankings to light,but it’s probably less than 50% of what I present at CSR. If you weren’t searching this photographic material,it probably wouldn’t be done and we spankos wouldn’t get to see it.

    As a matter of fact,I hope to re-present some of your sorority spanking and “Men are Like Streetcars”pics some day on CSR,but it will be a long time before I can get around to it. When I do,rest assured I will credit you as the source,as I usually save your stuff with the tag “Windsor”appended to the file name so I know where I found it.

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