Soon To Be Spanksgiving

What could be better on Spanksgiving than giving some spanks to my readers? Okay,  that was pretty corny,  but nonetheless,  as usual I will be dishing out something for free over the Thanksgiving weekend. Now I can just go ahead and choose something,  but before I did that I figured that I would leave the opportunity to the readers of this blog should they have their own preferences.

Now I am still giving THIS VIDEO away as a free download should anyone want it.

So if anyone has a preference then let me know,  but what I will be doing this Spanksgiving is giving away another video from my collection. The only question is,  what video shall I give away? So this is where you come in if you have a preference,  just browse through my videos,  let me know which one you would prefer,  and the video with the most votes will be given away on Thanksgiving day. Pretty simple really,  just browse through MY COLLECTION OF VIDEOS and if one catches your eye then just leave me a comment. And just so that you know,  I have been known to just give them away ad-hoc if something catches my eye.


3 comments to Soon To Be Spanksgiving

  • JeffS

    Hi, Richard –

    Something with Sarah, definitely – maybe The Bratty Niece? Not sure if I’ve seen both of you in anything before, but knowing your separate work, I’d bet it’s great chemistry when you’re mixed together!


  • Richard Windsor


    That happens to be my favorite video with Sarah and would have been the one that I chose, so you have a good head start of two votes for The Bratty Niece 🙂

  • Master of rose

    Certainly something featuring the lovely Sarah and the Bratty Niece would be a very good choice.


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