Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 23

I’m going to be travelling home from Chicago today and I’m in a very giving mood. As you know I have sold videos for a while now but I will occasionally just give them away for free. So far I have given away AMBER GREY – SCHOOLGIRL BLUES and TEN – THE SASSY PA.

This time I think that I will give away THE CHEEKY BABYSITTER,  especially considering that it includes a birthday spanking over the girls NYLON PANTIES,  a personal favorite of mine. The video is about 30 minutes long. I’m off work the next two days so I will be able to upload the video and compile a comprehensive listing by percentages of the survey results so far. They are incredibly popular with over a thousand responses and they always bring extra traffic to this site.

To get the free video it is pretty simple,  just fill out either of the forms below and I will send you a link to the video once it is uploaded. Now don’t just say “No – Now give me a free video”,  if you haven’t had any experience there then create a spanking you would like to happen. Alternatively,  if filling a form out is something that you don’t wish to do,  just email me a response to and I will add you to the video list. Click the links below for the forms.

Getting Birthday Spanks

Giving Birthday Spanks

The numbers of responses are mental but I will be sorting them out by category and share the overall results.

The picture this week of course will be added to my WINDSOR’S BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS folder.

south freemont 59

3 comments to Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 23

  • Birthday spankings have always been a part of my life. They were always a playful part when I was a kid. At all of the milestone birthdays for the adults in the family everyone forms a spanking tunnel that the birthday girl or boy runs through while everyone gives them birthday spankings. Thinking back on all of that no wonder I’m a spanko! Now my husband gives me real birthday spankings and those are my favorite by far.

  • thank you for sharing! I’ve always been a fan of birthday spankings, especially when the recipient is in their birthday suit!

  • Tim

    Richard thank you for the kind offer and I like to be included ,best wishes,Tim.


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