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This week the spanking blog world turns it’s attention to the annual Love Our Lurkers day. Now as some of my long time readers know,  this isn’t something that I normally take part in. I’m not against it in any form,  in fact I think that the original premise of it is a wonderful idea,  I just have my own views on asking people to comment on things.

With that said I decided this year to focus on the positives and by visiting Hermione’s Heart blog,  the first one slapped me in the face. On the post listing the blogs taking part,  there were a great many blogs that I had never heard of nor seen before. If for nothing else it is worth linking back for that reason alone,  to let my own readers have the opportunity to discover something new.

There is also the community aspect of everyone banding together and sharing something. Well that is what I am about first and foremost,  I have such a great collection of pics that nothing pleases me more than sharing them to be viewed. So as this is a community event,  why don’t I take the opportunity to take part in this and use the post today for a special reason.

I’m not asking anyone to do anything other than click the link above and check out all of the wonderful spanking blogs taking part in this event. On my end I will do things my way as usual,  lol,  and I will take this opportunity to share with the spanking world,  my readers,  other blogs looking for material and the ever wonderful tumblr sites,  a plethora of rare pics from all of the categories that I usually post under. Like I said,  I’m not looking for any return in the way of comments,  all I am doing is giving a gift to all of the readers that come to this site as a way of saying thank you for all the support that I have received over the last eight years of doing this.

So sit back,  grab yourself a drink,  and enjoy all that I have to offer. Above each pic I will link to each folder where you will be able to see every pic that I have shared under each category. If you ever wonder where a lot of them come from you will get an opportunity to see for yourselves. Now I keep a record of all pics so if there is anything that catches your eye that you would like to know more about,  just simply ask me. And once again,  thank you for your continued support and here goes my version of Love Our Lurkers,  except this is for everyone 🙂


My first thought on that is the girl who got slapped on the subway the other day,  if only she had acted her age!!

For the ACT YOUR AGE folder,  CLICK HERE…



There is a big problem with visiting the senior rec room on your birthday,  they generally have a Jokari set!! Yes,  if you look closely,  getting spanked with a Jokari paddle is not a new event. This lass was probably sitting gingerly after 18 swats,  or maybe she got spanked twice 🙂




There are a lot of pics that I just don’t have a folder for yet,  and this is one of them. What I generally do is stick them somewhere and I will create a folder for them later.

This one will go in the WINDSOR’S SPANKING FINDS folder,  CLICK HERE…



One of more more popular spanking folders is the various school plays folder. Just last week I posted the first from my collection of Meet Me In St. Louis spanking pics which was popular in the blogging world,  so here is the second from that play.


roosevelt 55


This is the folder with the most spanking pics in it,  and I still have dozens more to post.

For the MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking folder,  which literally has dozens of pics in it,  CLICK HERE…

ft benton MT 58


This is a relatively new folder that I created due to the fact that I have so many paddling pics.


richmond hill 68


There are other blogs that focus on spankings from the screen,  most notably Chross,  so I tend not to focus so much on these. However,  quite often I come across some really rare and unique pics and these ones I do post. They always enhance Chross’ database to enhance the collection that he has already amassed and I’m always happy to have my contributions to the genre added.




This is one folder that I neglect a lot,  even though I have over fifty more pics to share.

For my KISS ME KATE folder,  CLICK HERE…

Southeast Missouri State University 1958


Something that I almost never do on this site,  but based on a previous survey at least a third of my readers identified themselves as such,  here is one for the male bottoms/switches. There is no folder for it,  I am only posting it as today is about giving. This could well be the sister giving out the birthday spankings this year.

Big Sister

So thank you all for your wonderful support and I hope that you enjoyed my gift for you today. You can happily go back to HERMIONE’S HEART right now and check out all of the wonderful spanking blogs taking part in this years event. There will be more of this coming this weekend.

16 comments to Love For Everyone

  • Veronica

    I love this blog soooo much!!! Xoxo

  • Veronica

    It’s me, OldFashionGirl… Xoxo

  • I enjoy your blog (though I don’t often comment) and am amazed at some of the pictures you find- truly a treasure trove for the spanking aficionado. Thank you for sharing.

  • Hi Richard,

    I’m so glad you joined us in the big LoL 9 celebration.


  • jim

    Great selections Richard as always. I do want to thank you for sharing all your wonderful finds with us in the spanko world as they say we would not see many of these at all if it was not for your dedication and the fact that you have saved them for future spanko’s. Part of my problem in not being able to share on your video finds is that I share a computer and cannot download anything so it is not that I would not enjoy them, but limits prevent me from enjoying them as I would like. So thank all you bloggers and sharers out there we may not say it as much as we should, but thank you for a job well done.

  • kI am

    I am a lurker on this site. I have visited often and I don’t believe I’ve ever left a comment. I’ll try to be better. Happy LOL Day to you


  • Cat

    Hi…first time visiting here…found you through Hermione’s LOL participant list…will definitely be back to visit and browse. 😉


  • Happy LOL Day, Richard! Thanks a lot for sharing your findings, and especially for the very last one (being a switch I enjoy a good F/M picture at least as much as a good F/M one). 🙂

  • Oops, of course the last F/M was supposed to be M/F… 😉

  • Hey Richard,

    just thought I´d use this opportunity to tell you how much I enjoy all those rare gems that you come up with 🙂
    (Instead of just silently grabbing them for my databases as usual that is….)


  • Hi Richard –

    Glad you decided to join LOL this year. Thanks again for just being a friendly and sharing type of guy. I don’t visit often so not sure you remember me. On occasions I have stopped by to ask questions of you and you have always been really easy going and helpful.

    All the best,

  • You came to join us! Yay! 🙂 Happy LOL9, Rich, and thanks for all the fabulous photos.

  • Dan Rivera

    I am revolted by the sight of an F/M spanking site. in a similar way, I despise any and all F/F spankings. I have been a long-time supporter of this board and others — CSR,mostly — and any spanking that shows a female as the dominant is horse piss and rotted straw (that’s a quote from James Joyce, btw).

    The only — the ONE and only — spanking configuration that makes any sense whatsoever, is a shot of a strong man with a beautiful woman across his lap, guetting what for. All other scenes are garbage.

  • Richard Windsor

    Damn, did someone piss in your cornflakes this morning, Dan?


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