Birthday Bonanza 17 – Paddlings

Just three more postings after this one for the birthday spanking bonanza. Well, four if you include the one for luck post that I also added. I have also just pre-posted an update for next Friday as well which will focus on the issue of finding spanking images without a search engine, it is quite a fun post and of course will include some awesome images.

There used to be a time long ago where there was this talk of a birthday paddle, in fact I have one such set where a college girl is getting spanked by everyone while she is collecting signatures. I will have to dig that up one day.

None of today’s offerings are birthday related, they are just a nice little set of butts being paddled. These will be added to my WINDSOR’S PADDLING’S folder. By the way, the first paddle looks rather unique and I dare say that it produced a nice sting.

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